[RE-OPENED] Hiring Developers For Savourieź Hibachi Barbecue Grill


Benvenuta! :cut_of_meat:
I am 1 of the Founders of Savourieź Hibachi Restaurant! Savourieź is an Italian Barbecue Hibachi Grill recently established on July 1st, 2021. LOYUGHTLY & I are hoping to develop a Barbecue Restaurant along side a beach, w/ outstanding views and activities to participate in, such as outside grills, lounges, and etc. As well as: creative dishes, animations to go along with cooking, and sitting animations. I’m hoping to get both the Training Center and Hibachi Grill itself done in about 2-3 months, if so.

Currently looking for Scripters, Builders, and UI Designers to make their way into our Development Team. Who will not only Develop, but as well as make the community look forward to coming again soon.


@t0ufluvqh - President | Head Management
@LOYUGHTLY- Vice President | Head Management
@hiring- Builder
@DreamyDxwn - UI
@s1x3rr - Scripter


We’re looking for development members who have a high quality skills, work professionally, have very good work ethics, and have past experiences with cafes/restaurants. Years of working are not required, as long as you have past experiences, can make great builds, and is 13+ you have met the basic requirements for the job.


Our preferred payment is ROBUX

At the moment, I am working with 9k-10k. This amount of ROBUX will have to split with each member of the team. I am also willing to split the group funds when profits and sales start coming in, each member will get a perfect percentage out of the profit distributed to their account.


Points System/Command ( Restaurant + Training Center )
Hand-To System ( Restaurant + Training Center)
Animated Application Center
Automatic Ranking Bot ( Apps Center )
GUI menu feature ( Restaurant )
Name Tag ( Training Center + Restaurant )
Animated Cooking abilities for different foods ( Restaurant )
Restock-able items ( Restaurant )
Rank Door ( Rest. + Training Center )
Game Intro ( Rest. )
Working Ordering System ( Rest. )
Party Systems ( Rest. )
Opening Drink Dispensers ( Rest. )
Warn Command ( Rest. )
AFK command/rainbow nametag ( Rest. + Training Center )
Quest System ( Rest. )
VIP Area ( Rest. )


Feeling this job?

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord TUFFLUVAH#8105 & z;#0548.
You must be 13 or older to apply.

Thanks for reading. :grin:


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