[RE-OPENED!] Low poly-builder for hire!

About me :dark_sunglasses:
Hello there! I am Anix_Y, 17 year old builder and I recently started building in Low-Poly style! I offer my services as low poly builder!

Portfolio :camera_flash:

All work related to Low-Poly that I made is located on my website https://anixbuildings.wixsite.com/lowpolystuff

Pricing :moneybag:
I stated this in website but I will put it here too!

Little town (3-5 uniqe houses) ~ 1K R$
Big town (up to 15 buildings) ~ 3K R$
Simple props (boxes, planks etc) ~ 50- 200 R$
Nature props(Tree’s, rocks etc) ~ 50 - 200R$
Bridges ( Wooden, stone etc.)~ 200-400R$
Full map build ~ I don’t build full maps, sorry.
Decorations (Flower pots etc.) 20-50R$

Note!: If you plan to hire me you must have a budget that is in range of my prices! I don’t work people that plan to make revenue from work in progress games. Its a big risk because game might not be popular. Thanks for understanding!

Availability :building_construction:
I am available 3-6 hours a day. Since the school is finishing next week for me, I will be avaible 4-8 hours a day!
If you want me to build you something, you should have budget and knowlage that I need time and that I have tasks outside of roblox (helping parents pay the bills by working etc):slight_smile:

:telephone_receiver: Contact
Contact me on Discord : Josip_V#9247, or on Developer Forum! (Discord is easier!)

Thanks for reading, I hope you will hire me so I can give you my best service! :smiley:

P.S. , I am very talkative and I like to help anybody if they are in struggle. Keep that in mind when hiring. Not just me, keep that in mind when you hire anyone!

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Hello do you build interior my discord is -5#5999

Yes I can build it.