Re-pin the Dev Discussion guidelines

For whatever reason, the Dev Discussion guidelines, as seen here: were unpinned.


I highly disagree with this choice and I feel that these guidelines are the smallest thread of sanity left in that category, stopping things from exploding entirely out of control. A new user might see that there are seemingly no guidelines in the category, thus treating it like a lounge or similar. I also don’t believe there are any downsides to pinning it, nor any upsides to unpinning it. Therefore, I request that the guidelines be re-pinned to help new developers decide a category and create a post conforming to the guidelines.


I wonder if they’re gonna finally replace them, or just close DD all together. If so, this is expected.

I was against closing down DD, but with time I realized DD is essentially useless, even if it was done properly.

What DD had that was good were update threads, (made by admins themselves) when new announcements were posted, but now that’s essentially wrong to do, so it’s just bad rn.


This is a mistake and will probably be fixed very soon.