Re-render headshot avatars

Instead of having to logout and log back into the forum to update your Roblox headshot render to the latest version, why not add a re-render button?

Or the alternative method is to use the api link (it’s deprecated now i think so uh)

I don’t see why logging in and out is a big deal. It would be more worth it to just have it be a dynamic image instead of a static one.

Logout and login should be only 3 clicks and a “re-render button” would take the same or more than that because we would need to put it in your forum profile.

This is not really high priority for us to address because of the simple existing workaround. In the future we may auto-update your forum profile as you change it on the main site.

Marking this as the solution since this thread poses a proposed solution that we won’t be able to implement. In the future, please write threads about problems, rather than proposed solutions!

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