[RE] [Script] Anti Exploit, Anti Bypass and Anti Spam Script!

Hi everyone, I recently saw that some guys bypassed the Roblox filter and exploiting the speed of the character and other many things! So I released the script for all guys, to stop the exploiting and bypassing in Roblox!

NOTE: The script will be always updated if there is a new bypass method or new exploit methods!


  • Anti Chat Spamming
  • Anti Chat Bypass
  • Anti Btools (Building tools)
  • Anti Speed Hack
  • Anti Jump Power Hack
  • Anti Heal Hack
  • Anti Spin Hack

Well, what the script can do?

The script will check the chat 24/7 in your game if one writing something that isn’t allowed in Roblox as an example an insulting and changing the letter’s so that the ROBLOX System cannot accept this as a bypass. This script, will see the bypass and kick the script, will kick the person right away! If someone changes something on her or his character, the person will be kicked. Example if one changed the jump power or speed. Or if the person spins the system will kick the person out!

How do I use it?
[STEP 1:] You just place the two file in your ServerScriptService, the script will do the rest.


[STEP 2:] The next step is you have to enable your HttpService!



Script Link:

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