Read OBJ Files, but in Roblox studio?

I hope it works. I want to read an OBJ file in Roblox studio, but neither the help from a plugin nor from the HTTPS service. Is it possible?

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I’m not quiet sure what you mean by read? Do you mean importing an OBJ into studio? Elaborate on your concern if possible please… :slight_smile:


In order to open an Obj file it must be imported. Importing will create a unique asset I.D. and store the file on Roblox servers (https:// or http://). There is no offline way to do this that I’ve ever found. It’s not like other modeling programs like Blender where you just open the Obj.


I want to be able to read OBJ files in Roblox studio so I can get the vertices of them

So you want to know how many vertices they have? What program were these models made in? If they were made in blender it tells you in the software it’s self, otherwise I don’t believe there is a way in studio to see how many vertices it has.

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@Programmed_Model Have you opened an OBJ file yet? Then the file shows you every single vertex and its position, every single surface and edge

@Programmed_Model Here is a example:
(Its not me, but a minecraft modder has made this entity model)

I have opened an OBJ in studio before. I’m not familiar with how that file would work with Studio…

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@Programmed_Model But have you tried to open an OBJ file in text format? If not, then an example is the link I sent over here and you can see how it is structured

Oh I get you now. No I have never imported an OBJ as a text format.

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Reading OBJ files themselves I doubt you can do directly from Studio (exceptions for third party services obviously) but there should be a way to read OBJ data. I’m using the Blender animation importer as a basis for my point because it parses data you pass and turns it into keyframes and whatnot.

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Okay, but is there any way to read it? Give me any ideas, please.

Studio can’t read them, look at what colbert said. You’ll have to run it through an external program and do some HTTPS requesting, I suggest you look at this and this. Just dissect the code and have a look for the functions relative to you. Then create some program which allows you to import OBJs from Roblox and output its vertices count.

Alternatively, you could just make a feature request on #platform-feedback:engine-features.

Hope I helped.


@Cinema_Sin, to use what i learned from your links i need to read the Data of a Studio object, how to make this? Sorry for annoy you and thanks for you help!

Sorry for reviving, but i have a idea: is here any way to get the Mesh self from meshid? Then, i can use this as parameter, not? I want to use this with all kind of mesh if possible.

Hey, you may wanna reword that. It’s a bit vague :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but i need a file, or not?

Else, i am getting the vertices of nothing. Also, is here any way to get the Mesh from MeshId?
As OBJ File?

Meshes usually have a MeshID property to set their appearance, try looking into that.

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Yeah, ik, but its a link, i cant get the vertices from a link, i need to get the OBJ Mesh from Meshid if its possible? Ok, i can else use the local path system, but it would very limited :frowning: