Real life graphics settings?

So I’m trying to make a showcase game like tryler2/ArtBlox406 (you might know this guy he has the best graphics in his game) and I tried making one but it seems it isn’t that good.

Here’s one of my renders:

Here is what I’m trying to achieve:


It’s using a “in progress” Texture feature called “PBR”
Here is a tutorial on how you can achieve similar results :

This has been introduced as a “special beta build” Roblox Studio than you can try by yourself here :

You currently cannot get this result live (playable game)


Continuing @kenami which was right,
You are also lucky enough that they have released a beta studio version with the PBR available for you to test there!

Also happy birthday Hanzel!

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As everyone else has said, these graphical experiences are in Beta and not live. However, Roblox have slowly been releasing realistic lighting features. It started with the release of FIB phase 2.5 (FutureIsBright) and the release of EnvironmentOcclusion which is where the skybox emits it’s own source of light. This results in the metal and glass acting vaguely like their real world counterparts, with the glass producing a realistic reflection of the skybox.

I completely forgot about PBR materials. Thanks for the help. I’m just gonna wait till the last phase of Future Is Bright.

How did you know it was my bday? Thank you!