Real Life Place Names conflicting with Roblox Terms of Service

This issue has been resolved, thank you!


Funny thing is this makes me realize one of my old games might need some changes, lol.

Anyways, if it’s not depicted in a negative way, I doubt you’ll get a severe ban or anything from this. Roblox doesn’t respect some aspects of their own TOS very well. However, they are known for always going after the wrong things, so if you receive a warning, I would definitely advise you remove these things.

You should be safe if you’re willing to risk it, though, since I doubt any players would report the game for this, and I doubt Roblox would pick up on it, or even care if they do realize it, so you should be fine if bots aren’t wired to find these things.

This Is AMAZING! but Nothing stuck out to me then this part

  • Inflammatory content related to real world border, territorial, or jurisdictional relationships

I also read the names of places but this is what stuck out to me because I’m not American.

You showed a red part of Ukraine and when going to Russia was a green part of Ukraine I’m guessing that’s with the war. If so then I would get rid of that Maybe try contacting Roblox support?

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Hey, thank you for your feedback! I’ll adjust the borders there to the internationally recognised ones, I set those well over a year ago, before all the recent events and the recent TOS update regarding political parties and inflammatory content, the game is set in January 2021.

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Alright good I find it amazing though how people do that stuff

These are places and buildings, not elected candidates or previously cadidates.

Say you want to go to the John F Kennedy international airport, you are not talking about John F Kennedy or depicting him, merely just talking about the airport.

Names of buildings, nothing political.

Cya, :wink: