Real life Terrain colors, and skybox's

I have been trying to look around Roblox dev forum and around Roblox in general to find a way to get the right lighting colors like sunrays, atmosphere, and game lighting category to find a way to make the game(s) multiple) have the proper lighting appear close to the authentic life atmosphere, for example, I am building around Alaska for project dalton and another for a county in Florida but I want to have the most realistic terrain for the area I don’t want to have too bright of color grass in a darker grassy area per se or a bright map lighting vs where Florida map be too dark for a map that should be sunny and bright and I can’t seem to find a way to or know how to take an idea of screenshotting a single area in the county of Florida and making it the skybox using the image of the sky but I don’t know how to accomplish my goals anyone has any ideas that I can use or have any resources to grab Real-life data of ground colors or atmosphere


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