Real World Cities to Roblox through JSON

So I got bored today and figured id do something cool with the Roblox engine that it wasn’t really meant for. Openstreetmaps will let you export a section of a map to an OSM file which in reality is in XML format. I took the XML and translated it to JSON and then changed the JSON formatting a bit so it worked as a LUA table, this LUA table is huge. The table contains “nodes”, and “ways”. Each node defines a point on the map, and then the “way” has a table within it defining which nodes are inside that “way”. So basically you come up with something like this:

From openstreetmaps of my university:


Ways connecting the nodes, along with color coordination:

Each of the ways has alot of information about that section inside it, it tells you if its a road, or a building, or a river, and its name, along with that if its a road it even has a place for speed limits. All of this information is inside the JSON, for this set above the JSON was about 27,000 lines long. I tried to do an entire city and the file was just way too big to handle, but I might figure out a solution. This can technically be used anywhere in the world and then direct import it into Roblox, pretty cool!



This seems like one of those things that could be done if you optimized the hell out of the data to compress it. Maybe remove a few decimals, etc…

I’d love to see bigger and better.

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One of the devs here is going to make a massive adventure game with these really detailed city streets, all auto-generated using a system like this.

Super l8, but you could write a quick binary serializer depending on the complexity of your data. Might be slow to parse back in Lua.

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Back when the “Make a place from real life in ROBLOX” event was running, I tried using Google’s APIs and other web APIs to grab elevation and world map data. Then I tried generating the world using smooth terrain.

Wellllll - it went… fine? But hell, millions and billions of data. It’s one heck to just get even one bit of the world to ROBLOX. Seems promising :smiley: Definitely something that gives unlimited possibilities (but then again, No Man’s Sky is also with a - well, unlimited amount of content to explore. I’m just of the opinion that the variation of gameplay can prove lacking with such vast amounts of exploration).

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You can try this out: City Loader - Render Real Life Roads/Buildings - Roblox

Not mine but basically the same thing

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Is there a way to just render in roads?

Yes, but you will have to find which part of the code does that, I’m not familiar with that system.