Realism, laggy game

.About a month ago I made the game “oyakate”.
I mixed up with a lighting a bit. I added sun rays, basics. I wanted the game to look nice, but my friend with a bad device said that the game lags terribly.
I am a new developer and I don’t know how to optimize it yet.
I think the model of bamboo that I made lags the most. And probably the bamboos are a bit too close together, I don’t know if I should add the leaves, in my opinion the texture looks a bit ugly.
It would be nice if some experienced developer checked what needs to be improved in the game. Thanks for all the help. I made the models myself, I know it is nothing but competitive, but as I said it is my first game.

I suppose you could import the build into blender which will turn the bricks into meshes, export the whole thing back into Studio and recolor/texturize the meshes again.

Meshes are far less laggier than bricks, popular games use this method already for their games.


thx worked !! :smiley: Now its less laggy.


you can group parts together, export them as an .obj and then convert it into a meshpart. its more convenient than converting it through blender.


You can try exporting it to blender then importing it back as a mesh, or simply union some of the parts together. These methods should optimize the game better.

Unions sometimes work in some regards but making it a mesh instead of unions is a better idea. Unions could lead to more lag if you aren’t careful.

Also, Replaced, this might help you: Learning what actually cause game performance issues - #3 by 3rdhoan123

You clearly went overboard with some of the small details, my opinion:

  • The floor simply use way too many cylinders, just because you reduced the diameter to the smallest size as possible doesn’t mean that it won’t affect the performance, the triangles will not instantly vanish and still stay as a thousands of triangles in the floor. You could try using a custom PBR texture, but because it’s not out yet just try optimizing it or just change it into a 2D texture, it’s not noticeable at all.
  • Don’t just focus on placing overwhelming details on small objects, do the same for larger objects, you can’t just add a detailed ventilation on a blank wall. Add more decoration, focus on the whole room, balance the quality of every section in the game. Don’t go overboard with details the players would barely notice like the hundreds cylinders for the floor and the barely visible bamboos on the windows, make it small but more effective.

I prefer while playing the game to turn down you graphics quality that reduces lag by a lot but the con is it makes the game look less realistic for the player and also takes out the realistic lighting.