Realism Plugin | UPDATE V4.6

Hey everbody!

Been about 24 days since I last posted on the platform. A lot has been going on since, below you can see Version 4.6 being used at aircrafts and etc.

Let me know what you do think about the realism mod so far.



Lighting was only tested during “night.” This is because there were some issues previously where it would just turn pitch black.

hiya volo

the lighting is incredible however i think that the shadows and reflections are a little bit overdone.
may i also ask how big the fps drop is?

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Honestly It needs alot of work Specially how dark the shadows are.

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I honestly have no idea, I’m currently on my laptop and doing about 8 grapichs on the scale thingy and not lagging at all. So I’d say people can handle it. Shadows are still a little issue and pain to figure out.

It’s only version 4.6, not close to finish at all.

check the other stuff I’ve posted and you’ll see progress :smiley:

Sir it does affect your game so if you have a good network connection as well as a computer with 8gb ram+ and graphics card then it can handle the amount of lag and fps varies from 20-30

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Network connection is not the only causing factor of lag.

Mainly it’s the amount of 3D objects the computer has to render at any one given time. The graphics settings in roblox changes the amount you can render and therefore makes it easier for the PC.

It also does not matter about your graphics card because ROBLOX relies on the CPU for rendering calculations.

I am also pretty sure that ROBLOX is a 32bit program [correct me if I’m wrong] which means it can use up to 4GB ram and no more.

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You can use it over 2gb ram as well and in the lighting that volo has shown he has used future lighting where your pic has to render more objects since it chances lighting interface and causes a different reflection. So it needs a graphics card at that point of time.

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The CPU takes control of all rendering calculations. Graphics Card is not used at all afaik.

3.7GB max, with 200 MB reserved for core roblox functions, as game devs we got access to 3.7GB, as a sidenote Roblox on mac is 64 bit, only on windows is it 32 bit.

Studio is 64 bit no matter what platform.

What exactly does this plugin do?


Ah that confirms it. Any reason why Mac is 64bit? Has their architecture always been 64?

I think it must be the Mac OS, since roblox is not meant to be played on Macbook and Macs.

Where is the link to get the plugin?

Are you sure dude? I know a lot of people that play ROBLOX on Macbooks and Macs.

I do know but macbooks are not meant for gaming.
Also I have tried doing the same lighting as @VentrusRBX

Incase you want to see it!

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the plugin isn’t released yet tbh

As I know, it does not affect the game at all. I have never had the slightedt lag with it.