Realism Test - [ " Global Illumination and Ray Tracing Test" ]

Made a pretty cool global illumination/raytracing test. I call the light reflections raytracing. I added in lights infront of the light casters to make it fake global illumination.

The shadows look really nice in my opinion; the softness looks like it’s from a rockstar game like GTA V.

Your opinions?


I think it looks splendid. At first glance, it kind of looks like you’re on the top floor of a skyscraper (with a skylight) in a city on a sunny day. And, it’s like mid-afternoon where the sun’s beaming down on you and you feel like drinking a cold drink something. IK, it’s specific, but that’s the attached feeling upon me seeing this.

Do you mind adding more pictures to show more angles?


Sure. I’ll be a while since I’m busy; but I’ll show more angles. Thank you for your opinion.

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Pretty amusing I must say, with the colors on the left and especially the ray tracing that you did, I like it.

It feels like you’re in a long and wide elevator in some sort of tall building like a skyscraper in some big city or many cities, but that is my thought.

Looks very clean and well made, nice! :+1:

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Thanks. Do you mind if you can give me some suggestions on what to add next? I’m really focused into making realism. I regret those 204 places.

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Sure thing!

Some suggestions that I have might have to be like more of a scenery outside of the image, or maybe some more areas to add your realism test such as a big room as a sphere shape with holes in it and different colors, or colored windows?

If there were more images, then that would be more beneficial on suggestions.

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That’d be pretty nice actually! I’ll add shadowtests, exposure etc. Just you wait till volumetric clouds release!