Realistic Cave Build

Hey all,

Haven’t posted here in a while so I’d figure I would share this.

I saw a photo and it gave me inspiration to make this quick little build. Took around 30ish minutes to make.

Let me know what you guys think…



Looks cool, I like the lighting you did there! How did you go about making it super realistic?

Got a basic format w/ terrain, got some PBR objects (rocks, folaige, bushes, etc.), and made sure all the colors matched. After I got all of the physical stuff done, I did some tweaking w/ lighting effects, such as depth of field, atmosphere, color correction, etc.


The scene composition couldn’t be better!

I absolutely love the way you laid the objects out, it looks really pretty and most importantly it looks natural.

Keep up the amazing work!

This realistic cave build looks VERY good! I like the colors and graphics of it! Nice job on this!