Realistic Cave System

I spent 2 weeks working on this ( and I’m still not done.) there are over 2000 meshes being used and somehow most people with decent computers wont lag.

Please gave any feedback, such as what I should add, how I can make it look better, etc. then please give a detailed response.


Unfortunately I can’t see it for myself right now since the Laptop I’m using is kind of weak, but already by seeing the images you provided I can say it looks really good. At first I was thinking “Where are there meshes?” until I realised that the stone were the meshes. The “Entrance” or Stairs or whatever that should be in the second picture also looks really good, I love how you made the stairs have this blue glow and let the Torches illuminate the rest of the cave with a warm orange color. And for me it gives me a “welcoming” feeling when I look at it.

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Looks very nice, Really loved the dynamic lighting you use correct.

You should try to add more small detail such a small rocks on floor mostly on the clean floor parts

Textures look a bit squashed/stretched - try to find a texture that is tileable.

Other than that, looks good!

Looks amazing!
What’s the link to it?

Exploring through your cave looks really good, i like all the different details you added to it such as the style and overall ambition. So i decided to check it out. And when i joined to explore, it i think it’s very beautiful and amazing! You really improved it a lot more and i think, it looks really great i’m going to list some things. You could add to your “Paleolithic Showcase” to look a lot more better and you could use some of my feedback anyway you like!!

Natural Vegetation
The cave really stands out a lot more i see you added, some trees rocks so it’s surrounding the area so your showcase has a. More present setting so it won’t look like it’s floating, however all different kind of caves has other vegetation to it such as moss, plants, vines, trees, ect. I would recommend you add some moss. On some of the rocks, walls, and some plants sticking out of the cave part! As well you could add some rocks inside the. Water just to give it some, decoration to it and to look more better as most! Caves have those implemented inside the water try adding some stalagmites, on the walls and ceiling they would really add to the realism. Of the cave and inside the water area overall i’ll add, those kind of plants to your cafe to. Make it stand out more!!

Cave Entrance
The entrance where the trees & rocks are surrounding the whole area. i think it looks really good i would also suggest you add some more trees, plants, moss, broken trees, ect. Implemented onto the cave part, you could maybe try adding! Some different details to the entrance area so it could look a lot more. Better as that’s what mostly (Real Life Caves) have and i see you added the other wooden, staircase at the end of the cave. I believe that part is still being worked on! This component is actually really well done, like how you added some “glowworms” throughout the cave it really adds a wonderful style to your cave! I would just add some more vegetation to the entrance area, so it could look more interesting, and perfect this would make it stand out more.

The cave was very detailed wonderful, like the blue glow coming of the water reflecting onto the rocks. It really gave me a great feeling! When i check the game out and look at the images. Overall you have done a incredible, job on your “Showcase” here is a couple of things you could add to your cave to. Look more better and improved however, you could use some of the details i’ll give you it still looks amazing and! I can see you put a lot of effort & work into making the cave. Anyways can’t wait to see more of this!


  • Crystals
  • Moss, Plants, Little Vines, Liverworts
  • Bats, Fish, Coleoptera, Shrimp, Diptera (Known As Flys)
  • Spiderwebs
  • Caves Mushroom, Weeds, Grass
  • Treasure Chest, Wood Pieces, Ruins

Aside all of that, you have done a amazing job on your “Showcase” i would mostly add the details i said above you could just add a couple if you plan on doing that however you could take suggestions however you like anyways great job on your (Realistic Cave System) hope to see more of this very soon!

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