Realistic Clouds

So I’ve looked through the forums and seemed to have found no appropriate answer that fits what I’m looking for.

How could I make realistic clouds? I know there was something to do with Procedural Skies, but that’s apparently not due to be added until at least next year or even later.

Any links to models, tips and tricks or ways other than skyboxes?


Hey Hadiisepic!

So I’ve actually have thought about this and found a solution! What I did was run a beam over top of my game allowing for a cloud texture to fade over the top of the map over the contents below.

Here’s a video link of what it’d look like (Focus on the top of the map):

Here’s a GIF of the mockup my friend made:

Here’s the place link If you’d like to see it in-game:


I hope I gave you all the know how to create realistic clouds. I implore you to create better cloud images/textures though, it’ll amplify the immersion in your game!

Hope I helped!


Wow! That looks perfect. Will try it thanks :slight_smile: Anymore suggestions?

What is the Width of the beam?

This might not work with open maps though, you can clearly see the edges. A rotating sphere will work better in those situations.

Hello! I come with some answers to your question or doubt

There are two ways that I will take into account to achieve realistic clouds.

    1. The easy version, this would go to the library and then search forimage "Realistic Clouds" in the Plugins Categoryimage
    1. The second way that would be something more complicated or would have to invest more work is, Make or look for a Decal of a cloud, but a cloud of a lower view, Then in the sky of your game Or in the place you want to put it put a block with “Transparency” in 1, and you add the Decal, you must be sure that the decal is realistic and this in a lower visa, otherwise it will look very strange.
      This is what I can contribute!