Realistic dallas's fps arms using roblox boy package

i always would love to do clothing on the regular r6 body. but since its blocky. it has many limits such as natural folding and shaping.
So i wanted to use another package thats related to roblox as well as having somewhat close to natural arms. and the best choice was roblox’s boy package.

These fps arms are a recreation of dallas’s fps arms from payday 2. you might notice that the suit colors are different then the original. thats because i wanted to improve the existing one payday 2 has. i also made another version that looks like dallas’s one so yeah l o l

I also focused on the arm human skin. and added little details such as blood vains. anyways i hope you guys like it ! Please feel free to give me honest feedback to improve my creations. have a good day !

Dallas’s original suit

Model before the bake


Wow, looks great! I don’t really see anything for you to improve here. The detail looks great.

So I know madden is known for super realistic skin. If you look at your skin you might notice things like hairs, bug bites, scars, sweat, freckles, etc. Over all I really love this. Good work!! :smiley:


Thank you for the feedback !

The aim of this was to try recreating the original dallas fps arms. the skin is clean and has hair which looked so bad in this arm. i gotta admit i forgot to do the scars and sweat. but yeah i tried xD again thank you for the feedback ! will hopefully improve !


This looks very good I just do not see it being in roblox.

Looks really good. I liked @ProvenData 's idea a lot as well.

Aside from more detail on maybe the characters arms, maybe some detail on the undershirt sleeves, it looks fantastic!

thank you for the feedback !

will for sure take notes about the undershirt sleeves !

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