Realistic flashlight opinions?


Did you use PBR textures for this?

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Amazing in my opinion, looks completely real (except for some slight reflectance issues)

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We have the same style lol, I like creating stuff like these, with normal maps and gloss and everything. Good job bro.

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where do you see those heroes?

Can I see your models? I’m curious

Ok, wait, anyone please don’t report me for spam, I am just showing this guy my projects.

Texture Test:

Things for a Youtuber:

These are some work from a while back, I am working on my game right now and most of my models are in there, but I can’t leak them because it’s a secret.

I’ll show you all the models of the game after its release if you want.

This realistic flashlight looks VERY good and realistic! Nice job on it!

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