Realistic Flashlight

So, I really don’t know if this belongs in Scripting Support, so please tell me if it doesnt.

I am currently making a horror map and it has to be quite realistic. The Flashlight’s ingame go through objects so u cant actually look at them when you are close. Can someone please tell me how to work around this issue, because I have had quite a few complaints.

Thanks in advance.

Firstly, this belongs in building support, and then, for a realistic flashlight, you could use meshes and detailed textures, for collision, you can enabpe the collision for the handle. For me, it just works.

When you say it goes through objects, do you mean that the light beam goes straight through a solid block? If so, can we see your code.

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Wrong person who you replied to, but I assume is the handle of the tool, not the light.

Oh, then why is this getting so much hate from the community, who cares if this pretty much unfixable problem is happening?

I do not think that many people are caring about the tools going through walls etc, but the user needs help. We are suppowed to help him, right?

Also, don’t know if this is fixable because the flashlight is attached to the player’s arm. Unless you put a transparent block around EVERYTHING in-game, which is impractical, don’t think it has a solution.

What you said is 50% wrong, because duplicating the map with invisible walls will lag the game. If the handle collision is this false, you can put an invisible block around THE HANDLE, for it to not pass theough walls. How about that?

Maybe, I’d try it at least…,

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It may work, note that you need to weld the handle with the part. Plus I don’t really know why I am receiving random notifications from this post.

EDIT: I would like that the user should change this to building support.

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I mean’t the light, sorry for not wording this correctly.