Realistic Futuristic flooring

So i’ve been working on a SC-FI horror game and I was making some nice flooring and I’d wonder what you people think of it, what is good and what needs changing?


I like it, the floors look unique!

Incredible, but i think that if you put a lot of these, it will lag the game


Awesome! In the first image, the stripes are a bit unsymmetrical though. Also, as a finishing touch, you should add some reflectiveness to the metal to make it more realistic.


I really hope that those grids are textures, because this seems like a good horror game, and if it werent textures it would be very laggy

That looks really good. I like the detail in the catwalk and the pipes and wires under the floor. I can’t wait to see a full build.

They aren’t textures. I looked very closely at them. They are cylinder parts. This is probably really laggy for people with bad pcs like me.

Correct, I dont use textures, I try to stay to smooth plastic but for this, I’m trying to use metal roblox texture

You might want to import the grates into blender. It optimizes it. I don’t use textures either.

I don’t know how to use blender

There are lots of tutorials on youtube.

Wow. This is awesome but if you put too many of these in a game there will probably be a lot of lag,especially for people with a low-end PC. :+1:

Yeah I’m not sure how to fix that for low end PC’s

Try making an option named “Graphics Level” for Low-End pc gamers and make lower graphics for that! So you have High Graphics And Lower Graphics.

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I see this module becoming very handy when building like a Sci-Fi themed base of sorts. Massively well done, you did a good job! I could picture a scene just based on the floor module, which proves how good of a job you did. Cheers.


I like it! Did a really great job of making it look like flooring of a space station. Reminds me of Alien!


Yeah that’s what I was trying to go far. Thanks man for recognizing that lol

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if you have any union parts seperate them because unions parts affect performance i heard

and overall it looks very good!! :smiley: