Realistic Grass Devlog

Hello, Everyone I have been working on some things using the Roblox engine, and one of those things, is realism. I have always liked trying new things, and now I am trying to create realistic foliage in Roblox, so what do you all think of this Realistic grass I made?

this is with More dense Grass but if It has a large area it will lag, so for now I just stuck with this as an example.

Preformance Results.

New Grass has been preforming better.

Extremely realistic test

Feedback is Welcome.


That looks really good, very realistic.

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Thank you, I tried making it denser for more realism but that gets a bit taxing when it comes to memory.

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Well, why you don’t use the Roblox terrain feature in Roblox studio and second the grass in the picture can make your game lagy and in unplayable


The point of this is making realistic grass, not using roblox’s built in features.


In this here my PC was running smoothly, but if I had more It starts to lag, and I used a plugin to paint the grass to the terrain that is made with the in-engine terrain system.


Im going to test some things more in an empty project that should make it easier to gauge how much the grass impacts preformance.


To make the grass in the first picture look more realistic I would recommend you make the grass smaller.

The grass in the third picture looks amazing :happy4: Very realistic! Hopefully you can figure out how to reduce lag and use it in some games.


Stunning. Just stunning. (lol, I am actually praising grass.)

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Wow was not expecting this.

The second pictures grass definitely looks the best. The first pictures lighting looks the best.

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The only way I know at the moment for reducing lag is to reduce the density which isn’t Ideal but it works to a certain point where it still looks nice.

Wow. Pretty Nice ngl. :grinning:

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Keep in mind, roblox cannot make the grass (or any other object) realistic, no matter how hard you try.
But good work done anyway, bravo!

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I am aware that it can’t be extremely realistic, but I still want it to look as good as possible.

How did you do that? I need to know bro

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I actually took some real grass from my back yard took a photo of it, cut it out, made sure there weren’t weird artifacts, colour correction. Then put it in Roblox. Not a very fast process but the results are good.

I mean like getting the grass to only be placed on Enum.Material.Grass Terrian. I have a kinda similar thread about it: How can I orientate a part according to terrain?

Just wondering how you did it

You managed to orientate it according to the sloped terrain in picture 1

In need to know

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I actually just used a plugin to paint it on.

Wdym what plugin how did you do it?

It’s a popular plugin called, I think brush tool or something like that. It is very good tool for painting on objects.