Realistic Gravities

So, recently I have been getting into a lot of stuff about artificial gravity. This has made me wonder, is it possible to simulate it in Roblox? Now, I know what you are thinking, what does he mean? Well, basically I mean that is there a way to make it so that gravity is applied realistically like so like if you are in a spinning object it will make gravity. This would allow me to have regular gravity on “Earth” while having artificial gravity and making it realistically. So overall, how can I make it so I can realistically manage and create gravity?

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That’s just a natural property of forward momentum, which anything with physics can simulate. Now, the rest of your gravity would need to be simulated traditionally with BodyForces, although there might be some newfangled properties or features to allow localized gravity without BodyForces now. I haven’t touched that stuff in a long while. I’ve done it though, it’s pretty simple. As far as orbital motion though, that’s always been better hard-coded. n-body physics systems are extremely difficult to create in a stable manner. Kerbal, for example, has the planets orbit on rails whilst the vessels are affected only by the nearest gravity well according to spheres of influence. A very simplified model.