Realistic Gun System

Heya there! I’ve been working on a gun system which uses FastCast for the bullet calculations and practically two posts (absolute legends) and some basic CFrame knowledge to make the viewmodel arms.

Anyways without further ado, here it is!

The game: (14) Downrest’s Gun Engine - Roblox

And yes, I haven’t added an ammo system (yet). You can press R to see the reload animation.

Any feedback on the gun system is appreciated!


that ak-47 kind of looks like a pistol

jokes aside this is a really good gun, nice job


Animations and all else look amazing, I like the typical balanced FPS game spread and everything. When looking down sights though i’d make the model stand a bit more far out for tad more realism unless you’re going for convenience. Also would be sick if you added an inspect animation along the way. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress :+1:

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I can tell something is missing from this model, but I can’t seem to point it out. Maybe it’s just the arm swaying is not natural or it’s just that the weapon isn’t shiny enough, but other than that it looks good. I wouldn’t really call it realistic yet, more like a common FPS system.

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I can agree.

Not the most realistic, but definitely the most ‘realistic thing’ I have made. And plus, it’s actually stuff like swaying, walk bobbing, and running position (when the arm rotates left while running) which my last attempt at making a gun didn’t have.

I’m still very proud of my self for coding something this advanced. And I will probably be better at making guns if I keep practicing.

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