Realistic Homes + Weather

Greetings! Me and a team of developers are creating a weather game, and we figured we needed feedback on this quick demo of what we have in store. These homes are recreations of real homes. We closely studied several images taken with high quality cameras to get our lighting as realistic as we could get. We’re very happy with our weather too.

(Please dont mind my music in the background lol)


Lighting looks great! there are a few things I would change to make the builds themselves look a little more refined such as maybe using PBR and smoothening out different edges around the build. Besides this looks great.

I thought it was real life for one second! Great Job!! The rain scene looks especially good.
The only Recommendation I have is for the cars to be reflective, preferably with PBR textures (hey I guess you can try the AI pbr texture generator to get what you want!)

Looks good, at first glance at the top image and I thought it was a real image of a house. Cars could do with a bit of reflectivity but other than that, very good.