Realistic Interior Church

Realistic church interior

One of the last interiors I finally finished. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them :slight_smile:

Also my some of my creations are available in demo games at the links below


You have done a wonderful job, I love how it looks!


Extremely nice, as someone who has seen and created quite a few churches and religious buildings on Roblox. You did an absolutely amazing job!

I am curious, I assume it is a Orthodox/Byzantine Church. Is it based off of any specific one?

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Really polished, one suggestion, add in camera flares and Field of View for realistic effect. You made the textures and models realistic but the camera and the way you taking the shots aren’t realistic, they are real but not realistic. You can add in the bits and errors of real cameras to make it look more realistic.

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Really great job! It is one of the most detailed builds I have ever seen. That also brings the question… is there too much detail? Most buildings today don’t have that much detail, with paintings and tapestries covering every inch of a building. I suppose churches are quite elegant though. 10/10