Realistic Island Speed Build

Do any of these screenshots of my speed build look any good?

What can I do to improve it?

Link to the creation here: Realistic Island - Roblox

Some of these images may not have been rendered.


Try working with lighting more, the island looks a little too dark for anyone to get a good look at the detail. Also the beach seems to be going up from the land then down, you might want to smooth that out.

Good work!

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If we’re only talking about the screenshots:

First image: I had to look at it a second time to realize there was a volcano in the background. Even though there’s smoke rising from the island, the fact that the mountain itself is almost completely hidden by the trees virtually eliminates its visual importance from the scene. Make it bigger! Also, I’d recommend making the smoke particles bigger and farther between.

Second image: I’d suggest changing the lighting: specifically, increase the brightness. Almost everything in this scene is completely blacked out. In addition, the light being shed on the house looks irregular and makes it difficult to see (being the centerpiece of this scene, it should be a bit more visible).

Third image: Pretty good setup. My only real critique is to fix / remove the smoke coming from the volcano: you can only see the top-half of the smoke column, and it’s position (directly behind the tail fin of the plane) visually obscures it, anyway.

Fourth image: Again, the only thing I have an issue with here is the lighting: it just seems a bit too dark. If you’re going for a sunset-style lighting effect, then perhaps it’s the skybox that’s throwing it off. Either increase the brightness, I’d say, or change the skybox to a sunset-type deal.

Great work on your speed build, by the way.

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The plane looks surprisingly intact when it was probably meant to be a crashed plane. But yeah, looks pretty rad!


The plane in the third image sticks out a bit too much, maybe make it look smaller and more damaged.