Realistic Lavander Woman's Hair

I’ve been having real fun making these

here’s one suggested by @ReplacedUser


Keep em coming
Never give up (30characters)

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Do you use a program to apply the fur and then render it?

I wonder how difficult it is to style this hair in real life…

I take blank bodies and add the hair in roblox studio then i export them separately, I then import them in blender and add the Hair effect to the Hair Model. It’s hard to explain how to add it but I learned to do it through this video and from then on it just became easier and easier to make

It looks really cool but not very realistic.
The hair looks fuzzy when in real-life it would be laying flat


Its just upgraded in blender you cant expect it to look super realistic.


Get a rug lol.

30 characterssss.

Looks great! I love the lighting. I wish I could do stuff with hair that looked as good as this but my poor little computer says no.

Im using a trash laptop with only 12GB and the basic funtions use like 7GB but it’s still working relatively fine. I feel you tho

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Ngl, If I see roblox like this I am going to commit exit. But it does look good!!


12 GB ram or storage? Also what is the processor?

Should do a version of that with the Cinnamon Hair, as it’s very popular.