Realistic MP5K Model

MP5K model for upcoming game, “Retrogrounds.”
Modeled and rendered in Blender
Textured in Substance Painter

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This looks VERY good! Nice job on it! It looks very realistic!

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If you guys have any ideas for guns I should model next, do let me know! These make for great practice.

Looks fire! substance painter is a really good texturing software too!


That would be Perfect in a SCPF/Military game! Great work!

(Did you Rig it for animation? If you did, you should definitely make something with it!)

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The gun is rigged for animation and I have plans on using it in VR as well when I have time.

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Nice. I don’t personally own a VR headset, nor have any wish to, but you should definitely do that. :+1:

You are great at modeling. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep up the great work!

I’ll have to check out “RetroGrounds” whenever it comes out.

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