Realistic Police Car

Hello, fellow developers. I recently made a police/sheriff car based on the Ford Crown Victoria. I decked this thing out with a working steering wheel, a working computer (not interactable), a working dome light, real radio chatter, working gauge lights/service lights, and much more. If anyone could give some feedback, it’d be great. Thanks! (Not for Sale)



How, just HOW is this real…

I love the interior design and it’s just amazing.

Thank you very much. It’s crazy to see how police cars on this platform went from blocks to complete 1:1 scales of their counterparts.


This realistic police car looks VERY good and very realistic! Nice job on it!

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It looks Awesome for a realistic build of a car

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This is NOT Roblox :sob:

Great work btw

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Thank you! I have many more cars planned for the future, so this is just a “prototype” for the others to come.