Realistic Roblox Terrain

This a Realistic Terrain, for a game i made called Different Worlds (ShowCase).


I think the lighting is a little bit too bright, but other than that, cool showcase!


They’re very nice, it shows that you put a lot of effort into each one. I don’t care for the lighting though.

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I think it’s the picture making it look bright, but if you in the game it’s not bright. lol

Oh, lol. I didn’t know

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It’s really cool, I usually dont like the roblox classic terrain but this looks way better and brighter


But maybe some less darker shadows or less powerful light will make it look better


Something like sunset will make it look nice.

Well… not much to say since it’s very basic thus far from what I can see.

The trees are free models I presume, if not then they’re highly impressive. The lighting is just fine, it isn’t too bright, having bloom at that level with the level of brightness makes it have a dreamy/heavenly look to which I absolutely adore. Add variety in the terrain, what I mean by this is add rocks, mud, and patches of dirt around the map to give it more detail. Also add some bushes and different heights of the same tree rotated at a different degree. These simple tips can make a variety of detail with minimal effort. There’s so much you can add to make this showcase look much better.

Depth of field is a great example of something to add, however I highly suggest you add that last because it can be a pain to use while working in Studio. Additionally something I usually use for all of my showcases is some sort of particle emitter to be active at all times throughout the map. Now this could be a numerous of things that isn’t limited to what I’ll use as an example which is using a smoke texture on an emitter which if you have the settings correct and position the part to the far side of the map, you can achieve a wind feeling throughout your map. What will really spice this wind technique up is if you were to add leafs blowing with the wind as well. Another example of using particle emitters throughout your build is to possibly have glowing particles float around slowly. I love doing this for my showcases and did it in my most recent showcase “Ruins”.

If you need reference, just look at AAA games and study their landscape and art, use it as a reference. You can even just go outside and get reference on what makes showcases much more realistic.

To add realistic grass you can use the brushtool plugin created by XAXA. ( Now, what you can do with this tool is the use the basic grass model it has as a default selection. Grab the mesh of the grass model, and paste your own realistic grass decal on the mesh and it’ll create a nice realistic look that can blend in with smooth terrain grass. Also with smooth terrain grass being able to move, it’ll blend the non moving grass in better and make it seem like all the grass is moving. Here’s an example of it being effective: image

These are all just basic tips to make your work much more realistic, I hope you have a fun time making your showcase and I wish you the best of luck! Happy developing! :smiley:

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Thank you, i like the plugin you told me about. also the trees i used are from a dev pack.

Look’s awesome. Maybe a little bit bright? I’d try to make shadows a little bit smoother.

Can you make a tutorial on how to do this. This is insane!!