Realistic Shadows w/ Future Lighting - Pushing roblox to it's limits

I made a little showcase for what you can do with future lighting.
It really pushes roblox to its limits.
Sadly you cant do apply with the whole world, it only works with the lights (point, spot, surface)

I have a computer with gtx 1050 ti just for you to know.
If we would have more lights it would lag


GPU doesn’t matter as roblox is controlled by CPU integrated graphics


lol didnt know that, why is roblox such stupid


Yeah it sucks, I have a 3060 which can run some hella good graphics but sadly roblox is purely based on the CPU, UNLESS you use some exterior software to change it to GPU.


Roblox is not “controlled” nor renderized by CPU Integrated Graphics, that’s totally false. (Unless the computer does not have a GPU it will use Integrated Graphics, but that’s for all games.) My CPU does not have integrated graphics (I5 10400f), and I can play it fine with my RX 550. If it only used CPU Integrated Graphics we would have TERRIBLE performance in all games.


Why can’t Roblox allow more than 60 FPS?


btw it has way better performance than on the video, its just that robloxs recording system is pretty bad

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Pretty basic but nice. I recommend you get a better device though, considering the performance, I personally don’t suffer in Fib3 until I have over 50 light sources.

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I have a rtx notebook too, its just that I didnt record it on it

No? Roblox does run code in the GPU for shader objects and for things like Anti-Aliasing and shadow mapping.

Fun fact: Add enough lights and the shadows themselves will start lagging!

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It crashed my pc lol. Sad times for my pc.

Not every cpu has intergrated graphics, So depends on the cpu

Not entirely sure, but there is a way to bypass that. Get FPS Unlocker and your FPS rate should increase. It also helps a bit with lag.

Just lower your editing graphics in studio settings. The actual game won’t load all the lights/parts in the background like studio does, so players won’t suffer as much as you do.