Realistic Skyboxes for my Realism Test?

Needing some HD Skyboxes for my realism test. I need it to be looking like:

instead of . I’ve added clouds via a beam, stretching out for 30k studs.


Looks really cool, unfortunately I don’t have any realistic skyboxes. Keep up the good work.

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Alright, thanks. Feedback is always nice.

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Jesus christ this looks sick wish i could do it lol, tho i do not have realistic skybox’s i can tell you that this looks great. :smiley:

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Thanks. Do you think I should go to the first image I’ve shown you and 5mqb?

@EpikFawx, In my opinion, you should go with the 1st one as it looks more realistic. Really cool project and I wish you luck with it.

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Thank you. I’ll wait for TMG’s reply, then I’ll decide.

I agree with @5mqb the first one looks better.

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Alright. I’ve just went to it. Looks better IMO.

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Try using the atmosphere effect at lighting, I think it should help.

Hello! Everything looks extremely awesome! Super realistic.

I think that asking for assets is forbbiden on the forum; but I’m not really sure

I literally just typed: “realistic skybox” on Google and a ton of pics came up. I’d recommend you doing that, but; to avoid any copyright problems, you should create your own.

Here’s what I found:
images (3)
images (6)

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Hoping you the best,

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