Realistic Terrain World Showcase

Here is some pictures of my terrain, it is SUPER unfinished it will stretch out to be a massive map but right now its quite small PLEASE I need tips to improve.
game:Earth (Showcase) - Roblox


that is super cool dude thanks

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Apart from the category problem, The build looks amazing, Good skills of Terrain and Detailing of terrain. Also the Roads and Extra road details like the tunnel and “Signs” are very good.

Keep it up and good luck in your future projects!

I don’t see any issue with the category at all. I would leave it be unless a moderator tells you to change it.

Anyways, I am left practically speechless. I love the way you build. The nature and detail is spot on. You are really good at terrain and the waterfalls look outstanding. I myself am a realistic builder and it would be really cool to work alongside with you. (Not looking to hire or anything, just saying.)

Did you model and make all this by yourself? I would suggest adding some flowers and bushes. To be specific, I think sunflowers and poppys. Maybe add a little hiking trail in the 4th image to the top of the mountain. A ski lift could work too. Also maybe fix the bridge that is in the water.

For the lighting, maybe make it the afternoon with the sun rays and have a realistic blue/cloudy skybox. I have a good skybox you can use, just dm if you would like it.

That’s all for now! Have a great day!

Any chance of a game link so I can have a walk round?
I asked as I could not find the map from your profile.
If you want it to be private and have a group can you add me to that group with test access only.
Or DM me with a link.

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its not in the wrong category. The post is asking for feedback, the developer isnt showing her work of. I would read the post before jumping to conclusions.

Great job! I love the amount of detail put into the map! Seems like it took you ages to make. The only thing I would recommend is by the double waterfalls add some more vegetation. So far so good! Keep up the great work!

I think the confusion can be seen concerning the categories because of the title. The title doesn’t say that the creator of this showcase is asking for feedback, and leads people to think that the person has put this in the wrong category.

Although, if someone of high rank hasn’t done anything concerning the removal or reposition of the post, I’d just leave it there as it is for now. @MimiStudio

Anyways, great work. You should publish this so I could get a look around. I really love the detail put into this. :slight_smile:

I really like this. It feels very realistic as you stated on the thread’s title. I love the trees and the waterfall. Great work with the terrain and well done for making it detailed.

Hey! Looks cool, I’m not sure if you have a day/night cycle already, but that could add a touch of realism to your creation!

The catagory is literally fine where it is now.

Anyways this build is very well made! The only thing I would say is that you maybe added a little too much waters falls here:


It looks good but it also looks clustered, but besides that, it looks amazing!

It’s just amazing the details and the realism of it make it unique and impressive, I’m not the best with terrain and for me you’re a master of it but maybe some lights around the road could be great but I don’t think it’s needed as the road is in the nature. Wish you a good continuation with this amazing terrain that you have made.

the waterfall plugin is hard to use but in my opion thats perfect

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I actually do have a day and night cycle in this world

Is there a game link so we can visit?

Hey, the game is not public, so we cannot join.

I dont know why its doing that is says public on the menu

fixed it

Tysm its just gonna be liek a hobby thats why its called earth so eventually there will be desserts, jungles, taiga and different regions while being a kinda infinite map(not really)

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Hey! Here are some changes for you:

  1. Waterfalls by spawn (small bridge) are going through the water, re-position them.
  2. Increase character walk speed.
  3. Fix grass going through water (river + waterfall by small bridge)

Looks nice, keep it up!

thank you so much for the feedback i have redone all the water falls

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