Realistic Terrain

I have played roblox for a while now and I have developed for nearly 4 years this coming September.

I have always aspired to be a big developer and make a realistic game that no one has ever seen before. Which is why I bring you this.


This is not Substance painter. It is free if you install it through the source code that developers produced to allow access to those who cannot afford it or it is a single payment of 20$ on their website.

This is armor painter

This is great you can do so much with it and dI genuinely believe that it can revolutionize how we create games on roblox it is a huge find I made just recently. It took me only 2 hours 2 produce a few assets for a realistic nature pack I am making and I cannot even begin to describe how perfect this program is.


It is easy to learn and navigate and it really helps me bring out my creativity with painting on a 3D canvas.

All you have to do is create the model, Properly unwrap the UV, and get to work.
You will want to create a folder with each part of the texture being the color base, the metalness, normal map, and the roughness. After that, all you have to do is drag it into the armor paint application and it will create a node with the exact details the texture needs.


I have downloaded a lot of textures. Make sure to stay safe while you are installing them and research the site before making a purchase or downloading anything off of it!

ArmorPaint Site:


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limit surpassed lol

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super realistic! Great work!!!

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