Realistic void land with PBR

UPDATE : Alot of progress been happening with this scene. i added more examples as well as the previous ones. this is getting better and better

So today i was messing around with pbr. and wanted to do something realistic but dark themed. i started working on a custom material. imported everything to roblox. and did a little scene.

the best part about this is that i overtime improved the normal map to the point where the small dots are actually appearing right now. i might even turn this into a game.

what do you guys think ?

Night time

Day time


Looks real nice. Looks like you’re on the dark side of the moon or a really large flat cave.

Looks amazing! I can’t tell the difference from real life (if it was in 1st person).

The only question i have to ask is what is this? (0:05/0:07)


i’m using the default roblox flash light. it has this issue where some parts of the maps would go a little darker.

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sorry for the bump. but i’m looking for more feedback to improve this. i might turn this into a game.

Looks good, I like the dust effect and well everything

You really should. this would be amazing and unique. You could call it The Dark Side and make it like a horrorish game where you search for your crew members on the dark side of the moon (with a space suit of course).

It looks so amazing, i still can’t take it in.

PBR has basically brought an upgrade to talented developers, if you catch my drift. I have a question regarding this though, how did you expand the size so much that the quality wasn’t lost? I usually have trouble using PBR because the quality drops as you expand the part. Besides that, I think this would be perfect for a horror game, good job!

This was directly baked into the default baseplate. what i did is i exported the same default baseplate from roblox studio. i did some little bumps to fit the normal map. i created the material from scratch with substance designer. then i directly baked and scaled the material into the baseplate. and ofcourse importing everything back.

I’ve never actually thought of that… thank you for sharing.

Wow! You can really make an awesome moon/space related game out of this!

This would be perfect for space type games!

Thank you for the suggestion ! will definitely think about something like that. but yeah the environment right now looks like the dark side of the moon