Reality Shards - Changelog / Progress (Adventure Game WIP) - Update

Reality Shards - Changelog / Progress (Adventure Game WIP)

This post is intended to give updates in the development progress for this Project, and lately will become a Change Log post for it.

Game Details and Changelog

- Changelog:

  • Improval/Remake of the W5, W6 and W7 artwork-
  • Very small building progress
  • New ideas and working on making the story and ideas smooth.

- Game details:

- What is this game based on?

This game has inspiration on some of the greatest roblox platformer games, which I personally suggest you try

Inspiration Games:
- Adventure Genre and certain Characteristics:

- Battling mechanics MIGHT be similar to:

Game worlds:

  • **There is a list with all of the worlds both wiith their spanish and english names, in the social media stated above. **

Names are not definitive, and could change, same goes for art, assets, etc.

Conceptual art for the game right now:

(Conceptual art made by @loxergenius)

Old World 1 Concept, The Desert

New World 1 Concept, The Desert

World 2 and W3 Concept, Foggy Forest and The Typhoon Sea

Old - The player looking into the moon
RS 2021

World 4 Concept, Neon City

World 5, 6 and 7 conceptual art (Snowy Mountains, Cloud Realm and Glitch Bridge)

New World 5, 6 and 7 conceptual art

**World 8, 9 and ? conceptual art (Spicy Volcano, Shadow Town and Zero)

World 10: N/A

World 11 conceptual art (Heaven’s Spectrum V1 and V2)

World 12: N/A

World 13: N/A

Other Conceptual art related things:

HD Conceptual art for the 3 logos at Neon City:

Eternity Gear:

(The Reality Shards are the 12 triangles inside the gear, the in-game would look slightly different to this idea).

**There is more art of the game in the work, for other kind of assets, worlds, etc. They’ll be published eventually as they are completed.

*There might be more information in the work and/or yet to be added, as of now, wait for more stuff coming soon, and check our social media!!

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