Reality Shards - Changelog / Progress (Adventure Game WIP) - Update

Reality Shards - Changelog / Progress (Adventure Game WIP)

This post is intended to give updates in the development progress for this Project, and lately will become a Change Log post for it.

Developers at the project as of the Last Update:

@loxergenius - Project lead, Block Terrain, Digital Art, Spanish Translator.
@Builderblox0000 - Animator, terrain editor, basic scripter.
@gataller - Second Project lead, Spanish Translator, gfx.
@Ggfm_1 - Builder, Trailer / Video Maker.
@Kolli40000xXx - Music Composer
@hjfghhgglosthisuser - Builder, Level Designer.
@finnishgamer001 - Builder
@Sarchyx - Scripter
@MRpickles60606 - Builder
@AdrianF123445 - Builder

Game Details and Changelog

- Changelog:

  • Some problems occured withing the project. They are currently solved, and development is gonna continue normaly.

  • The conceptual art for most of the game worlds and stuff is done.

  • There are even more ideas and a deeper workout being made.

- Game details:

- What is this game based on?

This game has inspiration on some of the greatest roblox games, that I personally suggest, you should deffinitely try.

Inspiration Games:
- Adventure Genre and certain Characteristics:

- Battling mechanics will be similar to:

Game worlds:

  • **There is a list with all of the worlds both wiith their spanish and english names, in the social media stated in. **

Names are not definitive, and could change, same goes for art, assets, etc.

Conceptual art for the game right now:

(Made by @loxergenius)

Here is a gif showing all of the images, but it would be better if you take a look individually at them as well (this mainly because there might be more art that is not included on this gifs). (1)

World 1 Concept, The Desert

World 2 and W3 Concept, Foggy Forest and The Typhoon Sea

First conceptual art created, this one should be located in between W2 and W3 in the game’s story.
RS 2021

World 4 Concept, Neon City

World 5, 6 and 7 conceptual art (Snowy Mountains, Cloud Realm and Glitch Bridge)

**World 8, 9 and ? conceptual art (Spicy Volcano, Shadow Town and Zero)

Other Conceptual art related things:

HD Conceptual art for the 3 logos at Neon City:

Eternity Gear:

(The Reality Shards are the 12 triangles inside the gear, the in-game way they look, would be different to this).

**There is more art of the game in the work, for other kind of assets, worlds, etc. They’ll be published eventually as they are completed.

There might be more information in the work and/or yet to be added, as of now, wait for more stuff coming soon!!

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