Really Low Game Ratings!/game-instances
Heres my game. Its a parkour game with various types of levels, but you go down and theres fall damage.

I have really low ratings, about 50/50 ratio of likes to dislikes.

How could I improve it?

The game is really good, and executes the idea of the game well.
Some improvement tips:

  • Minimize the GUI, the GUI is really big, and takes a lot of the space on the screen. Maybe add a menu, for all the stats that the player can open manually.
  • Fix the levels, as I was level 20 as soon as I started.
  • This is very optional, but as I saw in the lobby a lot of the first place users in a certain stat was you (the owner). I would remove yourself from leader bored(s), as that can feel like an unfair advantage to getting first place to normal users.

Ether way, the game was a lot of fun to try out. Hope these suggestions will improve your game’s likes/dislikes performance.

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I’ve played the game and here are my few tips:

  1. Using the Roblox’s default falling system is a bad idea. It is not very controllable, you should make your own.
  2. The game itself looks pretty unpolished, in my opinion.
  3. There could be much more work done, why do I get fall damage, when I fall on the ‘checkpoint’. It doesn’t make sense.

To answer your question, most likely it is caused by rage.

Feels like pretty rushed game, you should put more time into it and make sure it is polished.

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I think I’ll just put my story here and I’ll try to go into detail for each piece of the story.

When I first joined, I was greeted to a cluttered screen full of UIs and similar things. They could’ve used some work, but I felt it was fine in order to get the game across. After a while of waiting, everybody had already left the server, so I rejoined to play again. I can already see some inspiration from games like the Tower of Hell, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it tells me how this game will play out.

Some of the levels I’ve played were ridiculously easy, or unfair. Sometimes I got fall damage when I only jumped once on a ramp, which means that the fall damage needs to be changed. Other times I could just jump down with no penalty, other than a loss of health. Some levels seem like they want you to do something, but you have to do something else in order to win. I would recommend trying to make the “wanted” way more obvious.

TLDR; The UI of the game wasn’t very welcoming when I first joined, most levels were either very easy or unfair, and (sometimes) a lack of a clear way to beat a level.

Your dislikes are most likely coming from younger players who got mad too quickly and left, players who noticed these issues but never tried to accept them, or just players who joined, saw the game, and then left with a dislike as soon as they realized that it wasn’t a triple A game. You shouldn’t pay too much attention to these types of people since their ratings will always be unreliable.