Really Realistic Forest On Roblox

so i have worked on a forest showcase and i added the new Blur effect to it

screen shoots

want to test the game ??? no problem this is playable on roblox


Id suggest you turn down the fog quite a bit. Creating a realistic scene in Roblox has to capture not only realism in terms of detail quality but also in environment realism if that makes sense aka you wouldnt normally see this much fog and bloom irl. Otherwise its nice.


I agree with WSSI, the fog needs to be tuned down a little.

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Greetings, your realistic forest looks incredible in my opinion, though I noticed, maybe you should add more lighting and lessen the foggy appearance to make your realistic forest look more attractive.
The atmosphere should be changed but I do not see anything to be changed based on your image.
Overall, I appreciate your work and I find it very incredible.

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Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!


remember fog is realistic this is a forest close to a mose also play the game before u speak

Let me kindly remind you that you’ve posted this in the help and feedback, by doing so, you’ve asked the community for feedback, hence me giving it to you… Im sticking to my point, there is nothing wrong with having fog but in this case its too much and takes away from everything else, similarly, so does the bloom effect.


the game lag like hell i have to remove some trees then fog works to hide it

I would tone down the fog a bit, but everything else looks really good.

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Well, I mean, showcases do have the tendency to lag due to the amount of details that go into them, and since you have added the fog instead, it may hide all the other details. Just keep that in mind.

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Bro, really. I can’t believe what you can make on roblox now days. That looks very realistic, great work!.

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Wow, i can’t believe this is roblox game,it is more beautiful than IRL.Can you tell us how?

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cool showcase! my biggest feedback would probably be the animated trees being rather choppy and overall distracting to the game. with the animation of the trees being choppy and weird, the shadows also look that way. the second thing i’d say is the raindrops on the screen were cool for a bit but just got annoying the more i was playing it. final thing is the the rocks look a bit unnaturally placed just being in one area. i would incorporate those rocks into other areas as well to give it a more natural look.


rain is cool the first time but then it gets annoying XD i agree

I make this kind of stuff every day maybe I should start showcasing things I do.

That really is really realistic

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sure can i see your work i will be glad to see other peoples work

That’s real life, my eyes are confused haha, great job tbh! I love it.

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