Realm of Dungeons (A Dungeon Runner!)

If anyone or staff would like to try it out. It’s currently open anyone in the dev group or the staff group.
(If you aren’t in one, let me know, I’ll add your userId.)

This solo project has been going since Thanksgiving and there’s still a lot on the trello I’d like to work on before I can officially release. For now, I’d like some feedback and constructive criticism! :smiley:

Update 1

I’ve added a few more things to look at.

  • Now you know when you’re teleporting.
  • A short tutorial.
Update 2
  • Game no longer uses DataStores. (Runs off Google Spreadsheet)
  • NPC Dialog (TofuBytes/Tutorial Realm)
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Tried joining but it seems you have a race condition in your code

Game has a blurred screen and I can walk around behind the blur.


Got it fixed! :thumbsup:

Very cool so far!
Constructive criticism:
I had no idea how to start a game until I walked around the entire map and opened every GUI. It was easy after I figured it out, but I quick tutorial or something would help.
The combat system is cool but I hate smashing my mouse. I just want to hold it down :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the great work!

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Cool stuff - I like that you can move normally instead of click-to-move as some similar games have done in the past.

I think I broke something. Monsters aren’t spawning :confused:

I do have one question: How big is this dungeon? Infinite? :worried:

Right now it’s handbuilt. You should be able to find the boss room eventually. :wink: I’ll look into that though.

Mhm, found the boss right after my reply above. Nice so far. :thumbsup:

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Took me a while to figure out how to get into a dungeon. How do I use the wand? Is that class usable yet or am I not figuring something out?

It’s still a WIP. Classes that do work are Warrior and Paladin. :frowning: I’d like to get it out this upcoming week though. :slight_smile:

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Not in the RBXDev group. Can you add my name to an exception list? I’d like to see it.

Added. :thumbsup:

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I think the fun part of exploring dungeons is solving puzzles and interacting with interesting features in them.

Real of Dungeons so far is definitely more polished combat that most games on ROBLOX offer, but I think the non-combat aspects are really where adventure games can shine, and this RoD prototype doesn’t have any of that so far. I hope to see more!

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Definitely. I’m planning out adding more to the combat system than just clicking. And puzzles are probably the next step to accessing parts of the dungeon. :wink:

Aiming should ignore the Y axis, and just be based on planar rotation. I second the idea of click mashing being bad, needs an auto-attack by holding click. Combat was repetitive and slow, needs special moves that can be used infrequently. Needs sounds for attacking and stuff, the game music without game sounds felt weird.


I have it logged down in my Trello! :slight_smile: So more notables that are coming are above.

I tried playing with EchoReaper but got hung up here


Is this by chance inspired by Dungeon Delver by Gl0in2? There are a lot of similarities between the two e.g. controls/camera, loot system, maps, enemies, dungeon system, boss room, etc.


I’ll look into the error. Might’ve been the DataStore failing.

The dungeon itself was inspired. Serves as a little nostalgia; This will be the only dungeon looking similar to Dungeon Delver.

Oops, probably should’ve mentioned that the output was blank as well. Don’t want to be “that guy”

I’ll investigate. Nothing really happens locally - DataStores are serverside.