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Realm of Ruin

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:world_map: Developer Roadmap

This roadmap allows you to peer into the future of RoR and see what updates might make an appearance in the upcoming changelogs.

Entries are listed in order of priority, but this does not necessarily mean that entries at the top of the list will always be finished first.

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:shield: Factions

This update will be split in two parts due to its complexity.

  • Houses [Part I]

    • Players will have the ability to create a house (synonymous with family in this case) and invite other players.

    • Players in a house will have the family name appended to the end of their character name. For example, Adam Solence; with “Solence” being the family name.

    • Houses have their own roles and a treasury that can store both; silver stags and gold crowns.

  • Guilds [Part II]

    • Different houses can come together to form guilds with one another.

    • Guilds have their own roles and a treasury just like houses.

:european_castle: Conquest

  • Factions will have the ability to raid castles and outposts.

  • Vendors located in places belonging to a faction will give members of said faction discounts on their items.

:crossed_swords: Combat Overhaul

The combat overhaul applies to magic and melee weapons.

  • Dual wielding. For example, a player can have a spell in the left hand and a one-handed sword in the right.

  • Melee weapons will be changed to have different stances with different blocks to counter each stance.

  • A number of optimizations made to spell casting. Some of the spell components, especially “Sphere,” are currently known to be quite lag inducing.

  • Spell component modifiers. These allow you to modify certain properties (i.e., gravity, duration, color, etc) of spell components at the cost of extra mana each cast.

:hammer_and_pick: Crafting

  • Create items with other items that you’ve gathered or purchased.

  • Some items require purchasable/discoverable recipe pages.

  • Infusion crafting. Place items in the center of the spell forge and infuse them with certain aspects in order to create brand new items. For example, infusing a log with the mystical ignite component might give you ash.

:interrobang: Tasks

  • Some tasks are daily repeatables that can be turned in to certain NPC’s in return for basic rewards.

  • Other tasks may be synonymous with quests and have a fully written story line with special rewards.

  • Factions can assign basic tasks to their members in return for automated rewards pre-determined by each faction. For example, a faction might desperately need 1,000 logs. A faction leader would then assign that task to the faction and the members can work together to meet the quota.

:key: Update Key

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • These entries are centered around improvements that makes the player’s life a little bit easier.

:rocket: Updates

  • These entries are centered around completely new features or big changes made to existing ones.

:bug: Patches

  • These entries are centered around existing features that didn’t work quite as intended.

:scroll: Changelogs

Click on one of the links below in order to jump down to the log that you want to view. The most recent update is shown at the top of the list, with the oldest update being at the bottom.

Log 21m6d11-beta

:deer: Hunting Update

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • Drag items around your hotbar to re-arrange it without having to remove everything else first.

  • Added an exit button to the top right corner of the full screen map to avoid confusion about how to close it.

  • You can view the latest updates now while waiting for the places to load rather than only at the character creation place.

  • The item compendium sends a request to the server to get the proper item prices to display to the client. Previously you would only see the default price values, which wasn’t very useful information.

  • Enabled the new bubble chat because text was constantly and annoyingly getting cut off with the old one.

:rocket: Updates

:deer: Featured Update - Hunting

  • Coded the pathfinding for the animals.

  • Modified the PlayerManager module to work for NPC’s and treat them as though they’re players (which allows the weapons to properly damage the animals and also allows the NPC vendors to equip items).

  • Modified the spells to use PlayerManager:GetCharacter() so that magic works on animals (froze the stag in place for the gif).

  • Animals are lootable and each type of animal has different loot (usually in the form of meat, pelt, or antlers).

  • Added visual cooldowns to the hotbar and gave certain items (healing & mana potions) a short cooldown.


  • Fishing with the luck buff makes it so that you’re more likely to catch a bite in less time.

  • Added proximity chat. The chat window is enabled now, but you only see messages from people that are within 200 studs from you.

  • Added ranged weapons (the camera following the arrow is only for the purpose of capturing this gif - this does not happen in game).
  • Added gathering for ammunition.

  • Added the ability to loot dead bodies. The type of loot depends on what zone the person died in. Bodies also stick around after respawning so that players can interact with them.

  • Ores have been changed. Mining an ore will only give you one of that resource once the ore has been depleted, rather than giving you ore for every single hit.

:bug: Patches

  • Leaving the game at 0 health resets it back to your MaxHealth so that you don’t spawn in dead.

  • You can’t bypass the burnout cost of swimming by spamming jump across water.

  • Harvesting with the Lucky buff shouldn’t let you go over your inventory capacity anymore.

  • Changed the ZIndex of the minimap’s shadow so that it doesn’t overlap weirdly when opening the full screen map.

  • Fixed the hotbar loading out of order layout issue. This caused some of your hotbar items to be messed up after loading the game.

  • The replicator wasn’t properly sending new changes that happened immediately after another to the same object.

  • Objects that were equipped when joining the game would still be treated as equipped after banking the item. Changed the “WasEquipped” check to the Inventory registry specifically rather than the Deserialization function.

  • Withdrawing items from your bank that were previously in your hotbar would cause those items to automatically go into your hotbar again. This was unintended and could sometimes be pretty annoying.

  • Withdrawing items from your bank should properly update the bank UI now to show that the item was removed.

  • Leaving the game before loading completely should no longer result in items being randomly unequipped when rejoining.

  • The tool tips would be obstructed by certain equipment, making it difficult to interact with things sometimes. Improved this.

  • The tool tip would display a player’s username rather than their character name.

  • Sometimes the ragdoll would trigger very quickly when resetting your character, which would result in the server thinking that you haven’t actually died (since your joints aren’t broken). Now resetting properly toggles the death state each time.

  • Added a :Refresh() function to the armour class to prevent respawning issues with equipped armour. :Refresh() is used now instead of a quick switch between :Unequip() and :Equip().

  • The character viewport in the book would occasionally be missing a bunch of body parts. It should refresh now.

  • People were able to drag an item off to the right of the book interface and it would send the item to the bank even though the bank wasn’t open.


Log 21m6d20-beta

:shield: Factions Update

:warning: This update is not currently in the live game.

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • There are no entries here yet.

:rocket: Updates

  • Added a variety of different colored dye that can be applied to certain items. This was included in this update so that factions can easily distinguish themselves by appearance.

:bug: Patches

  • Items weren’t being automatically stacked properly. Your inventory will now run the auto-stack function whenever you join in order to fix up existing item stacks.

  • Clients would have issues communicating with NPC’s that had spaced out names because the code was using .Name rather than .ClassName for the NPC’s module.