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Realm of Ruin

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:world_map: Developer Roadmap

This roadmap allows you to peer into the future of RoR and see what updates might make an appearance in the upcoming changelogs.

Entries are listed in order of priority, but this does not necessarily mean that entries at the top of the list will always be finished first.

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:shield: Factions

This update will be split in two parts due to its complexity.

  • Houses [Part I]

    • Players will have the ability to create a house (synonymous with family in this case) and invite other players.

    • Players in a house will have the family name appended to the end of their character name. For example, Adam Solence; with “Solence” being the family name.

    • Houses have their own roles and a treasury that can store both; silver stags and gold crowns.

  • Guilds [Part II]

    • Different houses can come together to form guilds with one another.

    • Guilds have their own roles and a treasury just like houses.

:european_castle: Conquest

  • Factions will have the ability to raid castles and outposts.

  • Vendors located in places belonging to a faction will give members of said faction discounts on their items.

:crossed_swords: Combat Overhaul

The combat overhaul applies to magic and melee weapons.

  • Dual wielding. For example, a player can have a spell in the left hand and a one-handed sword in the right.

  • Melee weapons will be changed to have different stances with different blocks to counter each stance.

  • A number of optimizations made to spell casting. Some of the spell components, especially “Sphere,” are currently known to be quite lag inducing.

  • Spell component modifiers. These allow you to modify certain properties (i.e., gravity, duration, color, etc) of spell components at the cost of extra mana each cast.

:hammer_and_pick: Crafting

  • Create items with other items that you’ve gathered or purchased.

  • Some items require purchasable/discoverable recipe pages.

  • Infusion crafting. Place items in the center of the spell forge and infuse them with certain aspects in order to create brand new items. For example, infusing a log with the mystical ignite component might give you ash.

:interrobang: Tasks

  • Some tasks are daily repeatables that can be turned in to certain NPC’s in return for basic rewards.

  • Other tasks may be synonymous with quests and have a fully written story line with special rewards.

  • Factions can assign basic tasks to their members in return for automated rewards pre-determined by each faction. For example, a faction might desperately need 1,000 logs. A faction leader would then assign that task to the faction and the members can work together to meet the quota.

:art: Character Creation Overhaul

  • New tutorial that includes the newest features of the game and saves progress so people that disconnect can recontinue the tutorial.

  • More premium options for fantasy styled characters (horns for example).

  • New and improved UI.

:key: Update Key

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • These entries are centered around improvements that makes the player’s life a little bit easier.

:rocket: Updates

  • These entries are centered around completely new features or big changes made to existing ones.

:bug: Patches

  • These entries are centered around existing features that didn’t work quite as intended.

:scroll: Changelogs

Click on one of the links below in order to jump down to the log that you want to view. The most recent update is shown at the bottom of the list, with the oldest update being at the top.

Log 21m6d11-beta

:deer: Hunting Update

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • Drag items around your hotbar to re-arrange it without having to remove everything else first.

  • Added an exit button to the top right corner of the full screen map to avoid confusion about how to close it.

  • You can view the latest updates now while waiting for the places to load rather than only at the character creation place.

  • The item compendium sends a request to the server to get the proper item prices to display to the client. Previously you would only see the default price values, which wasn’t very useful information.

  • Enabled the new bubble chat because text was constantly and annoyingly getting cut off with the old one.

:rocket: Updates

:deer: Featured Update - Hunting

  • Coded the pathfinding for the animals.

  • Modified the PlayerManager module to work for NPC’s and treat them as though they’re players (which allows the weapons to properly damage the animals and also allows the NPC vendors to equip items).

  • Modified the spells to use PlayerManager:GetCharacter() so that magic works on animals (froze the stag in place for the gif).

  • Animals are lootable and each type of animal has different loot (usually in the form of meat, pelt, or antlers).

  • Added visual cooldowns to the hotbar and gave certain items (healing & mana potions) a short cooldown.


  • Fishing with the luck buff makes it so that you’re more likely to catch a bite in less time.

  • Added proximity chat. The chat window is enabled now, but you only see messages from people that are within 200 studs from you.

  • Added ranged weapons (the camera following the arrow is only for the purpose of capturing this gif - this does not happen in game).
  • Added gathering for ammunition.

  • Added the ability to loot dead bodies. The type of loot depends on what zone the person died in. Bodies also stick around after respawning so that players can interact with them.

  • Ores have been changed. Mining an ore will only give you one of that resource once the ore has been depleted, rather than giving you ore for every single hit.

:bug: Patches

  • Leaving the game at 0 health resets it back to your MaxHealth so that you don’t spawn in dead.

  • You can’t bypass the burnout cost of swimming by spamming jump across water.

  • Harvesting with the Lucky buff shouldn’t let you go over your inventory capacity anymore.

  • Changed the ZIndex of the minimap’s shadow so that it doesn’t overlap weirdly when opening the full screen map.

  • Fixed the hotbar loading out of order layout issue. This caused some of your hotbar items to be messed up after loading the game.

  • The replicator wasn’t properly sending new changes that happened immediately after another to the same object.

  • Objects that were equipped when joining the game would still be treated as equipped after banking the item. Changed the “WasEquipped” check to the Inventory registry specifically rather than the Deserialization function.

  • Withdrawing items from your bank that were previously in your hotbar would cause those items to automatically go into your hotbar again. This was unintended and could sometimes be pretty annoying.

  • Withdrawing items from your bank should properly update the bank UI now to show that the item was removed.

  • Leaving the game before loading completely should no longer result in items being randomly unequipped when rejoining.

  • The tool tips would be obstructed by certain equipment, making it difficult to interact with things sometimes. Improved this.

  • The tool tip would display a player’s username rather than their character name.

  • Sometimes the ragdoll would trigger very quickly when resetting your character, which would result in the server thinking that you haven’t actually died (since your joints aren’t broken). Now resetting properly toggles the death state each time.

  • Added a :Refresh() function to the armour class to prevent respawning issues with equipped armour. :Refresh() is used now instead of a quick switch between :Unequip() and :Equip().

  • The character viewport in the book would occasionally be missing a bunch of body parts. It should refresh now.

  • People were able to drag an item off to the right of the book interface and it would send the item to the bank even though the bank wasn’t open.


Log 21m6d20-beta

:shield: Factions Update

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • Dye can be applied to the equipped item slots. Previously it required you to search through your inventory to find the item that you wanted to apply dye to.

:rocket: Updates

:shield: Featured Update - Factions

  • Added a GUI for viewing and editing information about your faction.

  • Create and edit roles.

  • Set the roles of other members of your faction. Transfer ownership by setting another players role to the owner role (you will be prompted).

  • Invite other members by walking up to them and pressing F and then “Invite to Faction”

  • Invite other factions to be allies by walking up to someone that has “manage alliances” permissions and interacting with them.

  • Disband if you’re the owner or just leave if you aren’t.

  • Adds the faction name to the end of the character’s name as a surname.

  • Added a variety of different colored dye that can be applied to certain items. This was included in this update so that factions can easily distinguish themselves by appearance.

  • Coded in a data wipe for beta testers. Users will keep their crowns and market items and will be rewarded with a special beta cape. Users that had over a million stags will also be rewarded with a unique beta crown. Inventory, banks, and silver stags will be wiped. This is due to a period of time where there was no inventory capacity, which made it really easy to sell items in bulk and earn thousands of stags extremely fast.

  • Ore in your inventory actually looks like ore now rather than confusingly looking like ingots.

:bug: Patches

  • Items weren’t being automatically stacked properly. Your inventory will now run the auto-stack function whenever you join in order to fix up existing item stacks.

  • Clients would have issues communicating with NPC’s that had spaced out names because the code was using .Name rather than .ClassName for the NPC’s module.

  • Removing items from your hotbar would behave unexpectedly with items that you loaded in with. The LayoutOrder would remain even after removing the item from your hotbar, causing the player to be able to have multiple items set to the same hotkey.

  • The Crown Market scrolling frame wasn’t updating the canvas size to match the number of items.

Log 21m7d9-beta

:bug: Patches
This is a small update with a focus on fixing some of the most annoying bugs in the game.

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • Players can drag items from their bank directly onto their character for quick equipping. Previously you would have to drag armour from your bank to your inventory and then from your inventory to your character viewport.

:rocket: Updates

  • More equipment is dyeable now. Current list of dyeable equipment as of this update:
  • Reduced pickaxe ore damage by 10 points and increased the MaxHealth value of the more expensive ores. This means that mining ore will take a bit longer in most cases.

  • Striking ore with a pickaxe plays a new sound and emits sparks.

  • The progress bar for gathering was changed to the RadialProgressBar and now displays the percentage of completion.

  • Added cooldown to Speed Potion so that it’s more clear when it’s going to expire.

:bug: Patches

  • Banks would appear empty when leaving and rejoining the same server. This was due to the server not properly cleaning up these items whenever a person leaves, so it would be confused and think that it already replicated those items. Now the game properly cleans up a player’s inventory whenever they leave.

  • Attempting to fish would unintentionally result in two bobbers being casted at a time.

  • Resetting your character with the default Roblox reset button while editing in Character Creation would result in a weird glitch that allowed you to join the game nameless. Resetting works properly now.

  • Some of the zone borders were a bit wonky, resulting in confusing loot zones. These borders have been adjusted.

  • Beta reward items are no longer lootable. They were never intended to be and were accidentally released without loot protection.

  • Joining the game without the guild owner being present would result in the guild UI being empty. This was due to the server failing to send the guild data to new clients.

  • Teleporting to a spawn point after joining the game would sometimes cause fall damage and result in the player being killed before they’re even fully loaded. Fall damage is now ignored if the player has just recently spawned. Note: Health is saved whenever you leave, so if you left on low health then you will appear to take damage whenever you join the game. This is just the game setting your health back to where it was before you left.

  • Players can no longer toggle sprint and then equip a sword while in the middle of running.

  • Plants would appear to be harvested even if a player was too low on stamina or had too full of an inventory. The plant wouldn’t actually be harvested, but the mesh would disappear and make it seem like it was. Plants now only disappear if they were really harvested.

  • Leaving the game and joining character creation on low health would cause the screen to turn red and flash. Character creation ignores setting health to the saved state now.

  • Backpacks were lootable in equipped item loot zones even if the backpack was equipped. This was due to a loot filter mismatch. Equipped backpacks should not be lootable in these zones anymore.

  • Weapons would sometimes fail to load completely due to a hang up in waiting for animation right after the weapon was replicated to the client.

  • The character creation place was altering stored currency data, which would result in some situations where currency may be altered unexpectedly.

  • The zone loot warning was displaying incorrectly after death. It would falsely claim that the current zone you’re in will result in all of your items being looted on death.

  • The throwing axe would appear from the wrong character’s body after someone other than the original owner picks it up and throws it.

  • Arrows were unlootable (from the ground, not a body) because they were incorrectly being treated as food/consumables.

  • Experience values were not being rounded, resulting in some very large decimal numbers popping up on the screen sometimes (aka; +26.66666666666 experience).

  • The shop/bank search bar stopped working after opening the UI once.

  • Sprinting unintentionally had a very long delay before it would start draining stamina.

  • A property pending for replication error was causing guilds (and potentially other game features on occasion) to behave weirdly.

  • The roles appear in the incorrect rank order when changing a guild member’s role.

  • A previous change to looting made bodies unlootable after opening the loot menu on the body once.

Log 21m7d20-beta

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • Pressing the “-” button on the quantity prompt that shows up when trading when the quantity is already at 1 will set the quantity to the item’s max stack size.

  • Holding down left alt while pressing the “+” or “-” buttons on the quantity prompt will increase or decrease the quantity by the item stack size each click.

  • Hovering over your current spawn point will change the tooltip to let you know that you’ve already set your spawn there.

  • The prompt window that shows when interacting with NPC’s now allows you to press the number keys in order to quickly toggle a dialogue option without having to move your mouse.

  • If you have a notification message already and are receiving another with the same exact text then the new one will cancel so that you’re not having to constantly close duplicate notifications.

:rocket: Updates

  • Added Game Passes to the main game page. Current ones simply replace the dev products that were available in character creation.

  • Speed lightning is now visible to other clients.

  • Speed lightning colors are available for purchase on the crown market.

  • Added Experience Shards to the game. These can be bought from the Crown Market. Experience Shards start out at 0 exp and cannot be used at that point. The shard will absorb all incoming exp gain whenever it’s on your hotbar. Draining a shard of its experience will result in the shard being destroyed.

    Warning: You can drain experience shards at any point that it has >0 exp stored to it.

    Some use cases:

    • Max-level players that have no use for exp can use this as a way to make silvers via selling filled experience shards to other players.

    • Max-level players can use this to store excess exp for future updates made to the level cap.

    • Guild leaders can use shards as a sort of exp pool that they can reward to lower level guild members.

    • As a nice player-hosted tournament reward.

  • Added a downed/bleed-out state. Players that reach 0 health without resetting will fall to the ground and have a period of time where another player could come by and heal them with a health potion.

    • Manually resetting will skip the downed state and immediately ragdoll your character.
    • You must have a health potion on you in order to see the prompt that allows you to heal a downed player.
  • Added a variety of elf ears to character creation. They change color with your skin and may be hidden by certain helmets.

  • The appearance of spellcasting is a little bit different.

  • Added the large backpack to the Crown Market. Replaces the +15 inventory slots product.

  • Consumable items can now be seen in a player’s hand.
    – Particles effects were also added to some of the potions.

  • Added instruments to the Crown Market.
  • Added 10 new helmets.

Gladiator Helmet (Dyeable)
Ancient Winged Helmet (Dyeable)
Plumed Barbuta (Dyeable)
Double Plumed Helmet (Dyeable)
Plumed Round Helmet (Dyeable)
Infantry Helmet (Dyeable)
Horsemans Warhelm
Jarl Helmet (Dyeable)
Mystic Cowl (Dyeable)
Elven Helmet (Dyeable)
  • Added a set of emotes to the Crown Market.

:bug: Patches

  • Sometimes the hotbar would have duplicate keys displayed for multiple items. Now if a slot is taken then the item will move to the next available slot.

  • The minimap was able to be opened while the book and crown market were open.

  • Gathering resources while burnout was near 0 would result in spam requests to the server to stop the character from running… even if the person wasn’t running at the time.

  • The weapon slot would fail to save unless you added something to the middle hotbar before leaving.

Log 21m8d6-beta

:hammer_and_wrench: Maintenance
A small update made to maintain the live game and to address some glitches.

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • Trading stags with an NPC will give a warning now letting the player know that they don’t need to do that. Hovering over the currency textbox in a trade will also display a warning tooltip.

:rocket: Updates

  • Trading stags has a lower priority than trading items. This means that if you do decide to give an NPC stags while also buying from them, it’ll process the purchased items before the stag transfer.

  • Added “new” label to the Crown Market button. This will be toggled any time something new is added to the Crown Market.

  • Projectile movement is controlled by the client now so it should look much smoother.

:bug: Patches

  • Removing an item that you loaded in with from the hotbar would result in an improperly ordered hotbar layout.

  • The Crown Market wasn’t replicating new purchases from the same class properly.

  • The wrong button was being displayed for some of the Crown Market items after purchasing.

  • The pickaxe was emitting sparks whenever striking trees.

  • Temporarily disabled the Spell Forge’s blue “add item” button to avoid confusion surrounding a feature that doesn’t exist yet.

  • The bookmarks in the book were appearing unintentionally when banking or shopping.

  • Converted a lot of existing code to take advantage of the newly released task library.

  • The lightning in the Crown Market was continuously running even when the shop wasn’t visible (until you opened the shop at least once). This was causing quite a bit of lag in the background.

  • There was a trail product loading issue in the Crown Market that would result in the result of the purchased market items not being loaded properly due to the trail product causing the thread to pause.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to use multiple consumables at once before hitting the cooldown.

  • Servers were sending excessive data between all of the other servers, causing insane levels of ping.

  • Crossing the region border wasn’t spawning people at the border properly whenever they were entering their home territory.

  • Trades with NPC’s weren’t properly unequipping items whenever processing.

  • Spells that have extra objects launched with the projectile would stick around after the spell was casted.

Log 21m8d7-beta

:hammer_and_wrench: Maintenance
A small update made to maintain the live game and to address some glitches.

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • Added a search bar and exit button to the Crown Market UI.

  • The game will now notify people whenever it’s about to be shutdown for an update.

:rocket: Updates

  • Added purchasable titles to the Crown Market.

  • Moved the zone loot warning to the side of the screen, under the minimap, and converted it to RichText with some red coloring so that it catches the eye more.

  • Switched spells from excessive Region3 checking to minimal Raycasting. Should help quite a bit with lag.

  • Lowered flute volume because it was too loud compared to the other instruments.

  • Added a setting to toggle tree leaves on and off.

:bug: Patches

  • Player traded items weren’t modifying their replicated state, making the game unable to replicate certain items to other players.

  • PlayerManager’s weren’t being cleaned up from the registry properly whenever players left the game.

  • Items themselves weren’t being cleaned up from the ItemRegistry properly when players left the game.

  • Sphere was only meant to spawn hollow when casting with self (to avoid hurting the caster). Casting it onto someone else should yield better hit results now.

  • Players were able to create more spells than they can fit in their inventories.

  • Looting animals allowed the inventory to go over capacity.

  • Fixed a continuous looping problem that would’ve been causing some piling lag issues.

  • Fixed some errors that were popping up from various spell aspects after casting.

  • Bodies were turning partly invisible when wearing armour and being killed in an “all” loot zone.

  • Equipping a holdable item after death would sometimes result in the dead body teleporting to you.

  • Boulder was not shooting in the proper direction when casting on the ground with ring.

:warning: Read Me

Some of the entries listed in this log are already in the live game. Some of them are not.

Log 21m8d20-beta

:sparkles: Quality of Life

  • Default spawns were changed to the cities so that new players get to see more of the build immediately without having to travel far.

  • Added some of the status effects to a UI that pops up when effects are active. The status icon has a timer underneath it and you can hover over the icon to see the status description.

:rocket: Updates

  • Character creation automatically goes through the region places and creates a reserved server for each of them if one is not available.

    • Players teleporting between regions will usually end up in the same servers going back and forth, but if one of the region servers ends up being full on your next attempt then you’ll be teleported to the next largest server.
  • Updated the weapons to use RaycastHitbox v4, which introduces some optimizations. We were previously using an outdated version.

  • Animals no longer exist completely on the server; only the PrimaryPart does. Bodies and animations are handled purely by the clients.

    • This helps reduce some ping problems quite a bit and also allows the game to handle way more animals.

This is what the server sees:

:bug: Patches

  • As of a recent update, character creation was incorrectly always sending characters to the next server as their first character slot, regardless of whether they picked a different one or not.