RealMathGeek - Environmental Artist

About Me

Hello! I am Janelle, and I am offering my services as an environmental artist. I have been on Roblox since 2016, and have been bringing my ideas to life as a developer since 2018. I specialize in a wide variety of terrain; ranging from cartoon-like, low poly worlds to immersive, realistic maps.


Here are some samples of my work:

Level Design
Hyper-Realistc Sierra Nevada Forest Map

A fictional forest inspired by Sierra Nevada’s jagged mountains and greenery. The map is used for an upcoming game I cannot provide details on at the moment, however, am willing to show.

Fallen Lineage

Did all the terrain for Fallen Lineage’s current map, an open-world MMORPG set in remote Japan.

Destroyer's Invocation

An artistic collaboration between Tryler2, Stylishh, Hxiuh, FracturedOreo, and myself. Assumed a leadership role and was in charge of overseeing asset optimization and team collaboration.

Cartoony Biomes

A set of stylized biomes inspired by contemporary indie games. Modeled and textured all 3D assets.

Rural Medieval Forest

Did the foliage and terrain for a medieval forest map as a personal project, with all the environmental assets present being constructed within a two week period.

Roblox Developer Conference

Worked on the environmental art for Climb Stairs to 2021 [Meme Jam 2020], a hyper-casual rendition of the ‘stairway to heaven’ genre. Contributed alongside Brad_Developer, EvanBear1, ForeverHD, Jaudr3y, and MouseyCherie.


I have worked on the terrain and foliage for Piggy Rush, an action-platform game constructed in 18 hours. Worked on it alongside Ashfeil, BenSBk, 1Joeb, ItsKoiske, and Tenal.

Roblox Endorsements

My work has been featured as promotional material for Roblox’s #MondayMotivation and Creator Spotlight 2 campaign.

Stylized Realism

Uploading: EvergreenForest_Thumbnail_1.0.png…

Low Poly

My ArtStation is frequently updated to show all of my publicly available work.


I am always looking for new opportunities, so do not hesitate to contact me. Expect for me to be available during the given schedule. You can contact me any time, however, my schedule may fluctuate. I will respond within 24 hours.

Schedule (Pacific Standard Time, UTC -08:00):
Monday to Friday - 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Weekends - 1:00pm to 10:00pm


Prices are negotiable, the final price is dependent on the type of work you assign. It is your responsibility as the client to clarify the specifics for the build (i.e; what do you want, reference images, dimensions, etc…). I only accept Robux via group payments, or the DevEx equivalent. My starting price is 23,000 Robux (or $56) for smaller maps, and will gradually increase from there.

Down payments of 20% of the final price are required before I get started on any work.


For business inquiries, you can email Alternatively, you can send a private message through the DevForum or through my Twitter.

Thank you for considering me! :slight_smile:


Why hello Miss. MathGeek, you’re work has very much improved over the time I took my break! I’m happy to see you’re doing well! :happy1:


Vouch. Amazing person with amazing skills and impressive work. Worked with her on a game jam game and the environment was perfect :heart:


Very lovely and stunning realistic builds :smiley:


Those look fabulous! You are a very good environmental artist on Roblox for sure!


Love your low poly style. Simple, yet everything seems perfectly placed.


Whe its time to contact you I will for my game. Do you also have discord?

Hiya! You can contact me on my Discord at realmathgeek#6390. I am available to discuss anything you might need, though do keep in mind I will not be available to actively work until mid-September. :smile:


Oki will contact you hope to work with you!

I have sent you a friend request :smiley:

Hey can I get your discord I have a exciting commission I have for you!

i highly recommend hiring Janelle, her work is just outstanding and she is also very mature and communicative.