Realms of Arkfel [Online RPG] - Update v0.7.32 is out!

Finally, the time has come! I have decided to give everyone a small glimpse of what RoA is going to look like.

Realms of Arkfel, or RoA, as my team calls it, is going to be an interactive online RPG game. While it’s going to act like an MMORPG game, it’s going to have huge and detailed maps so that players can explore each realm without getting bored. There is always going to be something new to discover!

While the rest is still in development, here are a few screenshots of the game:


16.10.2021 Update: Test Reveal

21.10.2021 Update: First Realm

RoA v0.7.32 Pre-Demo Showcase (Realm 1 Stage 1/3 WIP)


Anyways, I thank you all so much for your support! Without you, this project just wouldn’t have enough motivation to continue. So for that me and the entire team of RoA thank you all! Soon more updates will be posted here.

Thanks for reading! More updates are coming soon…


Thank you, I really appreciate the support!

This looks awesome in my opinion and I’m also a long time player of world of warcraft my whole family literally plays it. The gui especially reminds me of world of warcraft.

world of warcraft is a good game but I see some slight things that could make it better.
the use of older more ps1 like materials would be cool to see but other things could look good too.

It looks amazing! And the UI looks so good! How do you make the UI look so detailed?

i really like it. the ambience is great

Love the graphics and detail in the game, it’s cool seeing something like this come to Roblox. Will definitely try it out once it’s released!

Any idea on when the release will be?

Not exactly sure, but it definitely will take a few months to do so. It will most likely take a year for us to release an open alpha version.

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Looks really great! Reminds me of the classic Dungeons and Guests or Guests Online, I can’t recall the title anymore :slight_smile:

RoA is inspired by Gears Online. I remember loving that game but sadly, back in 2017 Roblox made a few changes to it’s platform and the game’s scripts were broken.

UI looks great, the lighting is outstanding. I appreciate the blur behind the UI, not many people realize how important that is.

Looks very cool, when will you have a playable demo/ release out?

@CJ_Nelson01 Great question! Now as I am going to be studying for my bachelor’s degree in Game Art, I’m not exactly sure when a playable demo version will be released. My best guess is in about a month or two.

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Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

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By the way, small update: The Demo version of RoA may possibly be released within the next 2 months! We’ve just started working on the first map of the game and it’s development is flying by really fast, surprisingly! Everything’s going smoothly and even better than expected, so our release date may even be earlier than we imagined!

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21.10.2021 Update for RoA is out now!


  • Introduction of the First Realm
  • Improved Lighting
  • Few bug fixes
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