RealWorld V1.0 - Realistic features for your Games!

RealWorld 1.0

The mod for make your game better and realistic

What is this?

RealWorld - Is a script which replacing default roblox materials to more realistic (Learn more). Also using Post-Processing Effects (DepthOfField, Bloom, SunRays, ColorCorrection)

How to use?

Click here and click the “Get” Button. Go in Studio, open toolbox, select 2nd tab “Inventory”, Click on “RealWorld”.

Too easy is better!


Without RealWorld | With RealWorld


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local MaterialModelRaw:Model = IS:LoadAsset(Id)
  1. There’s a pcall literally 10 lines above this that does the exact same thing
  2. Because you’re using InsertService, the developer needs to own the asset the code is inserting. The thing is, the model it’s inserting is not for sale, therefore InsertService throws an error and breaks. You shouldn’t be using InsertService in the first place, just put your main code in the main script!

The InsertService docs literally say this…

To load an asset, the asset must be accessible by the creator of the game loading it, which can be either a user or group.


Bc when i wrote the code, i can’t think, why it displaying an error. Now, I fixed it and made model public

Just like, put the model with the script? It’s pretty annoying that I have to have two models for the exact same resource.

Also, you should add pictures to your post showing what differences the script makes. AFAIK, it only changes some simple effects and changes some material properties.


Hey @Staric14 Really cool, but the woodplank material does not work unfortunately.

oh sorry. I’m forgot to reupload the texture. You can also get pbr texture of wood planks, upload and set they.

@Staric14 Are you working on it?

I’m make the like BedWars game now

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