RealyConfus1on - Experienced 3 year scripter

About Me

Hi, I am Realy. I have been developing on ROBLOX since 2017 and have good knowledge of LUA but not crazy amount that you may see games like phantom forces have. I haven’t posted one of these in a long time because I mostly am busy but I know good amount of LUA and know how to model I mainly focus my scripting skills on GUI.



I am available all day because of quarantine but soon may not be as I heard UK will have schools open soon.


Prices are negotiable but I mainly work for price of 2k or something above.


You can contact me through discord: fungamer153#5839

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Are you willing to take large commissions and commit to being a full-time developer on a single, large project?

It all depends on what is needed for the project so if it’s like a whole complicated FPS shooter than no.

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No, it’s a murder mystery game. In my opinion, it doesn’t require a lot of complex coding. A LARGE majority of it should be functions and variables. For reference, my game is basically what you’d get if you had a crossover between Town of Salem and Danganronpa. A cast of 15 players are trapped in a building. Each player has a different role, two of these roles being a murderer and an investigator (there are many other, though). The murderer will kill someone while everyone is asleep during the night. However, in order to not be caught, the murderer can fake the crime scene. The investigator can search for clues and use it to guide him to the murderer. A trial will be held on who the murderer is, and if people vote for the right murderer, the murderer will get voted off. When all the murderers are voted off (there are two), the game ends and everyone (except the evil roles) win. If not, the game continues until there are around 3 players left.

Edit: Also note that, since you’ll be a full-time scripter, you won’t be paid per script and will be paid based on percentages. This percentage is negotiable, but will decrease if I think you’re not as active or putting as much work as you should. The percentage will, of course, be paid AFTER the game’s completion, but there will, sadly, be no compensation if the game ever ends up unsuccessful.

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Do you have tha ability to be a scripter for a story gams? Can you do that?