Rear wheel drive car spins out

Im making an advanced chassis as a fun little project. when using the rear wheel drive option on my chassis (power only the rear wheels), the car spins out EVERYTIME you use the Handbrake or hit s. I want to have it drift of course when you use the handbrake, but its impossible to regain control. I’m really going for a Vehicle Simulator type chassis. Thank you all! If you need any more information ill do my best to provide it.

Maybe you could set a body gyro to push in the opposite direction with slightly less power so you’re not spinning out completely. Only idea that comes to my mind right now.

I would do that, but I’m trying to get the slide as natural as possible. If it’s last resort I would do it though.

Have you tried increasing the friction of the tires?

Yes. If I go too high you wont be able to break friction at all which I want to be able to for a drift. the problem is that after drifting, its IMPOSSIBLE to regain control.

Have you tried lowering the friction (no clue if this would help prob not but I thought Id ask), messing with the weight, the balance (ex higher weight in the back)?
Also have you implemented abs or a rear differential or something else that might slightly help in certain cases?

I always keep the weight centered, and a bit below the vehicle. I’ll try putting more in the back. Also, I use cylindrical constraints and use the angular motor option to spin the wheels there. Is something wrong maybe with how I spin the wheels?

Its possible theyre too fast, or you could try messing with the torque to see if it handles better with a higher/lower torque
Beyond that I cant imagine they could be causing all that many problems

Can you show your code for throttle input?

Have you tried lowering it when the handbrake is pressed and increasing it again after the button is released?

You may need to gradually add friction after the release however, as it might be too abrupt.

That would actually make sense. The only problem about that is it happens even when I just tap s (reverse) when already in a forward motion.