Reason why Home Alone is Singleplayer and for Future Horror games

as i said a few weeks ago that most of the script in home alone is Local Sided Which means if i want to add multiplayer i need to convert all the scripts to work properly on the server side And another reason why i didn’t add multiplayer was Playing Alone is scarier than having somebody with you Human’s are social animals If you’re alone and you detect danger you’ll be terrified but when you’re together with alot of people you’ll be alert knowing that you have somebody to back you up

same goes with horror games Phasmophobia is scary cause it targets one person, and being seperated by the gorup is terrifying But home alone isn’t like Phasmophobia, home alone is a Story Horror Game Which you are playing as a single person ALONE in a house

as for Future Horror games I have ideas of making Multiplayer Horror game Like for example you and you’re friends Raiding This Tomb This is a future game idea i would like to make in the Future but home alone multiplayer isn’t gonna cut it

I would like to make Multiplayer Horror games in the Future
I have alot of ideas for it
But right now im making another project
Multiplayer Horror needs to wait.

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