Rebel Ship Corridor

Recently constructed this Rebel Corridor based off of the Star Wars franchise.
I am in grave need of feedback I generally feel something is missing in this corridor.

Screenshots are taking in game off of the roblox engine


That looks amazing! Maybe you could make the surfaces look less reflective? I think if you toned down the brightness it could bring more details out.

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Alright that’s a great suggestion! I’ll try lowering reflection to see if the details pop a bit more

Is this a re-creation or its own design? I could use this detail for more feedback

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Wait, this is in Roblox?

Ok, I love this, maybe if you turn down reflectiveness a bit, it would be better, but from what i can see, 9/10. I think if you turn down reflectiveness, it will show more detail and would probably be a 10/10. I love this man. Amazing work, I hope to see this come into something real nice.

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This screenshot is a re creation

If you want this to look more like the main corridor from the Tantive IV your going to need some slightly more grey white (maybe some slight shadowing for this? toning down the brightness or changing the color could also work), some red on the exposed black panels (I understand you included them but made them white. This kind of makes the build seem a bit more dull with all the white present, also thats just computers, not damage if that was mistaken XD), and some accents/outlines so that you can see things easier ([most notably the door] also more series accurate). Different colored buttons are found all over control panels. There’s also lights above the corridor, although I cant tell because of the brightness with your model. This is the most astounding star wars build I have ever seen on the entire Roblox platform for a long while! Keep up the good work!!

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There almost isn’t anything you could do better. it’s splendid in my view. Something you should consider are subtle colors around to make it feel less bland, it kind of feels like a canvas without paint on it. I find it incredible that you’ve done this on considerably one of the less advanced game engines in graphic design. Therefore, I applaud you greatly.

Edit: I’ve never watched or listened to anything related to Star Wars… So I apologize if my recommendations don’t fit the theme of this!

9.9/10. Puts my work to complete shame, haha.

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Seriously, these are amazing! Are these going into a game or are you just designing it for fun?

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Thank you for those suggestions, I’ll be sure to update you with those lighting changes

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I am designing this corridor design for fun, but I’ll see where it goes