Rebinding Chat Key

Can we please have a option to set the keybind of the chat. Why? Many people all over the world don’t have a specific “/” on their keyboard, so I and many others have to press Shift+7 in order to chat. This has issues like: I have to use both of my hands and enable/disable the shift lock after I finish typing. This is very annoying.


Maybe, just maybe after 5 years it might be time for Roblox to finally fix this issue. Personally I could wait another 5 years but it would be nice to get it fixed after 5 years of waiting


Really would love to see this feature in 2020. I find it interesting that players will someday maybe to have a setting to change their chat keybind to any key. And also the record keybind, maybe some other keybinds.

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I would like to see this. I have the / key, but honestly I got used to the Minecraft T key, and if I can customize it that would be so cool.

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Think having a menu to rebind the keys would also be able to neatly integrate with a lot of games. The developer could specify some actions that the player can trigger in the game and specify a default key which the player can then change. Currently if a dev wants to do custom keybinds they would have to go out of their way to create a datastore and find some way to store the keybinds in it.

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