Rebranding of the Official Roblox STAR Video Creators

From what I understand, the “Official Roblox STAR Video Creators” serves as a program to verify Roblox youtubers in order to prevent people from impersonating them and targeting gullible users, however I believe it was implemented totally wrong, which I’ll break down in the following points:

Limited target audience

The idea to verify well-known users in the community is of course a great one, however limiting it only users who produce Roblox-related youtube videos is confusing, as it doesn’t address the issue at all. Well-known users will be impersonated, that doesn’t stand just for youtubers, but many people in the community, such as developers, traders, whatever you could think of.

Instead of creating a verification system solely for Roblox youtubers, I believe it should be expanded out to include other users, such as top developers and the like.

Star icon

I’d like to start of this point by just saying that the idea of having a star icon displayed on in-game leaderboards is just disruptive and a sign of elitism, and personally I would completely remove that feature from any game I owned.

Other than being disruptive, the icon itself doesn’t solve the simple issue that most of the people who fall for impersonators aren’t, to begin with, either old enough to make a decision based on a star or, to be blunt, don’t have the mental capacity to do so, that isn’t even considering that a lot of people just simply close their leaderstats for the duration of the time they’re in a game.

Lets say you are impersonating a user, chatting away in-game to someone who for some reason honestly believes you. Now what? To really get anywhere, you’d need to take the conversation to or off the Roblox website.

How could this be implemented better?

I’ve whipped up an example where there is a small, non-intrusive icon located on a users profile page.



Now, I am no artist, but this is the jist of my idea. Not intrusive, and only displayed to those who navigate to their profile, not to those who are just playing a game.

Members & elitism

I’m not trying to target anyone, however, while some of the members may have pretty big youtube channels, the fact can’t be denied that some of them create content which violates the Roblox TOS, or is just straight up clickbait, not going to specifically point anyone out because I don’t want to target them.

The developer forum was rebranded to prevent the sense of elitism and actually create a community, however having a group of like 15 big youtubers is just going to shout it out loudly, especially when, as mentioned above, some of them have created content which other users would have straight up been banned for.

I’d just like to point out that I do support the idea of having big-shots verified, however I believe it should be rebranded and looked at over, because honestly, who in the world wants a bunch of people to be lording a symbol of status in their games?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


The only problem I’ve seen with the in-game star icon is that people simply don’t know what it means

if you were just the average Roblox player and you see a random user with a star icon next to their name, you might be completely clueless of what that means (basically the star icon hasn’t been communicated to the masses)

I do feel like the star icon is limited to a group that’s too small to represent the video creator community as a whole, but I’m sure this is because the program is fairly new and still rolling out and that the elitism status will lose importance as more users obtain it and it’ll play a better role in it’s intent of verification


I don’t get this whole star thing

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2 programs that highlight special members both with the word “star” in the name which do 2 different things, one for Devs for IP stuff, and one for video creators to be verified. Very confusing to the average person, especially the average player.

I would prefer giving the “video creators” a more on-topic icon such as a something related to video creation. I get the star resembles how hollywood actors get stars on the sidewalk, and feels “VIP-like” but it still feels too out of place and unrelated, especially as it conflicts with another program with a similar name.

To avoid confusion I would suggest changing the icon to something similar to my examples below: (my preference being the large one on the left)

Overall I like this idea only because there does need to be a form of verification to stop impersonations, but it needs to be generalized for all well known members on Roblox as well and not limited to just video creators. It needs to include popular devs for the same reason its being given to video creators and have a way for it to be shown on the profile and not just in-game, as others have mentioned.

Video creators would get the icon I shown above in the example while Devs would perhaps get the studio icon or something resembling game development.


I also hate the naming scheme, it clashes heavily with the star developer program.


It also creates a general impression towards developers that their work isn’t as valued as youtubers; which is more than demoralizing considering that without developers this website wouldn’t exist.


Honestly, I encourage everyone just to make their own custom leader boards if they don’t like it. Instead of talking about it, just act on it…

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This literally is acting on it, requesting a change is a method of acting on it. That’s like saying “If you don’t like your government, just make your own country, don’t talk about it”


This post is irrelevant now, it was already shutdown in my other thread.

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