Reccomendations/Help on making icons for items/buildings

I’m planning to make a building system where you can go into a GUI and select the building, what are the usual methods for creating the icon that is used to display these items? Any help is appreciated, as design isn’t my usual field.

If my question is confusing, think of the icon for diamonds in minecraft.

I have my own way for making these small icons. You should use Blender for that. Simply export your model and import it to Blender, change the camera and Render the image. You can set that image, so the background becomes transparent. After that you can configure your picture in any of the picture programs like Adobe Photoshop, iPiccy etc. if needed.

One thing you might want to look into is ViewportFrames, as they can render anything from a single part to a model inside of them and lock into place (editing the model would also show in the viewport frame).

They aren’t quite enable in-game, however. They will be soon, though.

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There is also another way. Save To Roblox your model, go to your model in the inventory and you should see an image of it. You can use that image as an icon.

That seems very clever. I may try that aswell as the blender method. Ill check it as solution if it works properly. Thank you!

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Using the Blender method, you can change your camera wherever you want, also when you render your image become more… “realistic”. Yet, if you got so many parts of the model I prefer using the second method, it saves a lot of time.

With ViewPortFrames you have the ability to rotate the model inside the frame giving a 3D view of the models.
However the downside to this is that we don’t have an exact time of when they will be live in actual places.

I think these will most likely be your best bet unless you are in a crunched time frame to release the game.

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If your looking for a vectorial “Flat Design” representation of your objects like this:

Using Illustrator is a good idea, but i prefer to use PowerPoint as it have a really powerful tool to make this kind of icons, i even used to make map layouts with powerpoint.

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I haven’t messed around with ViewportFrames too much yet, but I use a rounded rectangle and give it some sort of bevel on photoshop then you can attach a ViewportFrame on top of that or directly paste an image onto it. Keep the dimensions in mind so that you can use a UIAspectRatioConstraint.